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  1. So tomm is the big day...im meeting my boyfriends entire family!!!! I met his parents once, but now its time to meet the uncles, grandparents and and and everyone!!!!!

    :shrugs: im so freaked outtttttt!! hehe but his little cousin will be happy, im gonna buy her love with a cute little wristlet, her second coach piece ever!! I think shes 12 and we got her an initital charm on our trip to the outlets...now she can clip it onto the wristlet!!!

    I think its this one! What do you guys think?


    Anyone have tips for my big day?? hehe
  2. That is a sweet wristlet my five year old likes to "add to the shopping cart" on-line, she picked this one!

    Relax and enjoy the day!
  3. So cute! TIP: Be yourself--they find out anyway! LOL! Have fun with the family, and don't watch "Meet the Parents" the night before. :smile:
  4. Enthoes, omg your daughter sounds soooo very cute!! my niece will turn 2 this may and she steals her moms coach purses and walks around everywhere hehe we finnally just got her one of her own! she loves it!!!!

    Etenebris...thanks!!! u wanna know whats funny?? the first time i met his parents, my bf's dad was like we watched meet the parents and mom kept poking me saying "DONT DO THAT"
    hahahahaha :smile:
  5. That's a pretty wristlet! And very nice of you.
    As others have said, just be yourself =)

    luvednotspoiled, I love your AV, are you desi by any chance?
  6. I think that wristlet is a really great choice. I agree with everyone else-just relax and be yourself.
  7. Great choice in a wristlet! I'm sure you're SO nervous. I know I was when I met my fiancéé's family! I also agree with what everybody else has said-- they'll find out who you are regardless :smile: I'm sure you'll do great! Good luck! :heart:
  8. Wristlet is very cute. Don't worry and just be yourself just like everyone else says. Good luck!
  9. i hope all goes well (and his cousin enjoys the wristlet!)
  10. haha thanks lovely ;) yes im desi, dont you just love my fobbiness with my AV....oh oh oh that means your desi too!! I was tottally unsure!!! you never know these days!! You know whats funny...next to my personal training studio is this yogo studio right, and this lady parks next to me and has the cutest OM on her car and i just had to ask her where she got it from, do you know what she told me? She said, "Oh! Is that what it is?? I bought this car from someone else and then i started yoga, so i thought OM meant yoga!!!" haha she was the cutest, nicest lady in the world but i was like OMG!! haha

    sorry offtrack, but thanks for the advice super sweet of you :smile:

    what type of desi are u?
  11. THANKS tigerdrago, razorbackbelle, coach bag and glitter!!! it was funny, my cousin called and was like "remember, just be a better version of yourself" hahaha it made me laugh!!!

    Im glad you guys like the wristlet, i sat their for like 15 mins tryin to figure it out!! I wanted the punch, but they were out of stock!!!

    THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN! You have no idea how much you guys eased my mind!!!!!! :smile:
  12. Good luck! I'm sure you'll be GREAT! =D
    Adorable wristlet!
  13. that's an adorable wristlet for a 12 year old. I hope everything goes well. They will see you as he does:yes: have fun.