ahhhhh i just realized I can finally order one of my dream bags this week!


only the best
Aug 13, 2011
constant state of wanting sparkle
YAYYY! For those who remember my many debating threads on which should be my next bag keeping in mind bags I will use for a long time as my life changes and matures, I literally just realized that if I return my Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier hobo (I love it but I could always buy it during the next sale if I wanted and there are far more pressing bags on my wish list) I will have enough to order the Vernis Alma PM in indigo!!!!!!!!!!! I really hope Macys harold square isn't sold out of them!!!! I have a bunch of macys gift cards I've been wanting to use there.... Lets hope it works out and that by next week I get to have a reveal thread!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Thank you all for helping me decide to go forward with this bag!