ahhh...To NEVERFULL or Not to NEVERFULL..that is the ?

  1. Ok..so I've been visiting e-lux alot..trying to land the Neverfull GM...seems like they are gone within a few minutes of posting.

    I keep going back and forth on whether I really want this bag or not. I've had it in my cart several times..ready to hit the final sale button..and then back out.

    NEVERFULL owners..are you happy with it? Or is it not what you expected? and GM owners..is it too big?? I am carrying my Speedy 40 at the moment..and never really fell deeply madly in love with it as I have with my other LV's....mainly because its pretty big (the GM is only about an 1/2" shorter than the 40). I could go with the MM but I figure for a few bucks more..get the biggest one??

    I need to make a decision..please help!
  2. I think you really want it, you should get it:tup:

    or wait for the damier...
  3. depends on your height and yeah wait for the damier if it does come.
  4. Get one, it's the only way to tell. If you don't like it, send it back.
  5. I wouldn't get the gm simply because it is close in price to the mm. If you haven't fell in love with your speedy 40, maybe you should try a smaller bag. The mm is the perfect size for everday wear.
  6. That's true, you can always return it!
    But I'd say get the MM, because you've already got a big LV bag and you don't really love it that much.
  7. Do you have a store closeby that you can visit to try it on?
    If not order and try it out and if it's not love return it.
  8. I say get it! I have the MM & I love it!
  9. I love my PM. Considering the PM holds more than a Speedy 30, you might want to get the PM or the MM. The dimensions on the GM on Elux are big, but I have noticed that these bags seem bigger IRL than the dimensions would lead you to believe.
  10. I saw it in the LV boutique and the canvas felt very light, very flimsy, the straps veery thin. I did not like it, it lacks the solidity of other models. It felt "cheap".
  11. I am trying to decide this too..... I feel like I should get one before the price goes up, and I love how the MM would hold my stuff and match my mini T&B accessories pouch....

    However, I just bought three bags + accessories and a wallet in the last month and can't justify it. I really really want one but I think I'll wait....
  12. I second that!

    I have the GM, it is huge ... I only bought it to lug my laptop and other work related items back and forth to work.
    neverfull 2.jpg
  13. i also got a GM very roomy for me that what i like about it, my side pullstring sumtimes it really piss me off... when i pull it up then after a few minutes the leather thing come down again:push: sumtime i just give up .....:sad:
  14. talk to your SA about this ;/ it might have a problem.
    it doesnt seem normal for the bag to do that.

    and once again. BUY THE GM. if anything just return it. :yes:
  15. Get it! If you dont love it, return it!!