Ahhh my hair is orange!

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  1. I had beautiful golden highlights before. I decided to bleach my hair and everything turned orange even my highlights. I've tried using Redkin Blonde Glam, Redkin Pure Pearl, John Frieda Purple Shampoo and Conditioner and nothing has helped. It's horrible. I did this last night. How long should I wait to just dye it back to my natural color? My bf is trying to be nice and say its not bad but he just laughs afterwards.
  2. Sorry to hear your hair got messed up. I suggest you go to a salon to get the colour corrected properly. It'll be quick and painless and a lot less bother in the end.
  3. I would but I currently don't have money to do so right now. I'm jobless. I need something over the counter. My hair is naturally dark brown. If I dye it back would it turn dark brown or what would happen?
  4. Ah, I understand. Your hair will probably turn a shade of khaki green if you use a dark brown. You need to add red to it to neutralise the possiblity of green, then use a darker colour on top of that.
  5. so what color do you suggest? I think I rather have green than orange.
  6. look into Color Oops. it's over the counter.
  7. No, trust me, it won't be a pretty shade of green, it'll be murky and horrid...and possibly even worse that the colour you currently hate. :P Do you have any idea of what brand of home colour will you be using?
  8. where can i purchase this at?
  9. i have no clue what brand ill be using. i'm open to any suggestions because i really really hate this color. bf is calling me the flying tomato (shaun white's nickname) :/
  10. any drugstore.
  11. will it work if i have bleached hair?
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    Oh no, we can't have him calling you that. :biggrin:
    Color Oops could help. It doesn't lighten hair, it helps remove the artificial pigment. That doesn't mean it'll make your hair a nice colour, but you could try it if that's the cheaper option. If you want to go back to your previous dark brown, you could get yourself a mid red dye, then your usual dark brown one on top. Or, if you just want to get rid of the orange, get yourself a medium brown (you'd want a colour that hasn't got too much too red in it or the red will show up more than the brown), and that could do the trick in one go.
  13. i'll try the medium brown then i guess. i just don't want to dye my hair too much. and if that doesn't work ill wait a week and try dark brown.
  14. Good luck with it.
    BTW, if you're buying your dye from a store that has consultants, ask them about it. They'd probably be a better help as they can see your hair.
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    I would recommend a professional color service at a vocational beauty school or a regular salon...
    You can also go to Sally's beauty supply store or a beauty supply store and have someone who knows something about color help you. I would think you need a red drabber (is that what it is called???) it will make your hair turn some shade of red and then you put your brown color on top of this. Hopefully some professional hair stylist on here can tell you what will work. Now for myself when I wanted to dye my hair darker and had tons of blond blond foil highlights I used a filler on my hair. It came in a bottle and I had put it on my hair for XXX minutes and then kind of used a small towel to blot it out a bit and was able to use regular beige brown dye over this. The filler made the color grab and not turn orange. Since your color is already orange I don't know if you need a filler on top of this or a red drabber.
    Also you can do a bleach/shampoo cap. I have done this ages and ages ago. It is supposed to lighten your color if you mess things up. I know if you look on the web they give directions how to do it, but I am not certain the true name of this thing. I think it is a certain volume of perxoide, shampoo and maybe something else, put on your hair and let sit under a shower cap for a certain time.
    We have all messed up our hair at one time or another......

    But to me you seem to have kind of messed up hair big time and a permanent color is not the way to go right now. There is a great product called Redkin Shades EQ color gloss. It comes in lots of color and it is used to color and also for color corrections. Perhaps someone here can tell you more on this and what color might help. It is not a permanent dye so it will not damage your hair. I think you can also get this done at a hair salon for about $20-25.00. It might just pay to get this done then waste money on products that may not work. I mean you can end up spending 25.00 for things and come out with hair in worse shape.
    If money is tight perhaps go to a vocational school that has a beauty school and get the color there--prices are usually pretty cheap.
    Good luck.