Ahhh, just when I thought I had them....

Dec 30, 2008
Calabasas, CA
They are a little small! :shucks:

So I got these Marpops in a size 38.5, I thought forsure they would be big enough but I feel like they are just a tad too small. They have another 38.5 available, do you think it would be worth it to see if maybe that one was made just a tad bigger?

I need your opinions, do you think these are too small? I'm in LOVE with these shoes but if they look ridiculous, I probably shouldn't wear them. :sad:



A Twin w/Twins
Nov 23, 2008
i looked at the picture before i even read your post, and thought they looked awesome. then i read your post and looked again. no problem! they look good to me and i LOVE them!