ahhh i think I want a Chloe! Galet beige Vs Mais beige


Mais or Galet beige???

  1. Mais (mini)

  2. Galet

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  1. Hi girls! Well after being sick of looking on eBay for a auth paddy i gave up, and switched my liking to LV. Anyway, I was searching and found a seller with quite a few to choose from!
    Does anyone have a galet beige? It looks a pale grey in the pics, compared to mais beige which looks a yellow creamy colour. If anyone has these colours could you please post pics, I would be sooo grateful!:yes:

    And... which one do you prefer? Mais or galet?:shrugs: The only thing is the mais is a mini paddy, and i prefer my big bags!

    Sorry for the long post im just getting excited here! TIA!!!
  2. Are these bags being sold by hgbags? If so, see the authentication thread. I have had my eye on that galet ;)
  3. yes they are! they are at good prices too! I have posted the galet in the auth thread to see what the experts think! x
  4. You're right :yes: ,Galet is a versatile color,sometimes light grey,pinkish grey,sometimes pinkish beige,depends on light!This color can also matches all your wardrobe!
    On the pict my paddy is on a chocolate leather jacket.On a grey coat,she would be nice too:it's unusual for a simple beige or grey.
    I haven't seen the "Mais",but in in french it means "corn",so it must be yellower.Hope it helps!
    paddy.JPG detail paddy.JPG
  5. yeh thats great, it does look greyish, its soooo nice! Your right on the listing the mais does look yellowish!
    SO yo would go for the galet then! x
  6. I have the small paddy wallet in both colors and I think you'll find the galet is much more versatile than the mais. :yes: The mais is almost the "sand" color of this year, but it's actually "peachier." It's a light, beigey, neutral, but I think that the galet is much more "all season." The jaune of last year is a gorgeous yellowy light mustard, and I originally thought that the mais would be similar, but it's not. :shrugs: You should consider the "roche" color too, as that is a bit darker than the galet, but in the same color family. I think Erica, (hgbags) has that color as well, plus the muscade, (same as nutmeg) a very pretty medium brown.
    PS: If you are looking for a particular color, Roz (roz77772002 on eBay) can probably find it! :heart:
  7. Beanie thanks for your help! Yeh I was looking for a versatile light coloured bag, so the galet sounds lovely! will have to see what the bank balance fairies are saying! lol x
  8. My vote is for the galet. See my avatar for the paddy in this color!! I just love it!!:yes: Post pics when you get your bag so we can see.
  9. CROUNER: I have just checked the seller out with the auth experts, and she has sold fakes, takes pics of real ones and sends you a fake one!!!! So im not going to risk it! I will have to keep my eyes out for another seller, or mayve email her and ask her about previous problems with fakes!:crybaby: so sad i was getting excited!
  10. Theyre both nice colors, I had the same dilemma but for me the galet would be more of a winter bag. So I bought the mais first. It shoooooould arrive tomorrow :cursing: Hopefully. So I can take pics then. I've seen the color irl though on an Edith and its a very nice alternative neutral to say like, brown. Well, for my wardrobe anyways. But the galet is great too and thats going to be my next one soo..

    ..that didnt really help at all :nuts:
  11. nawth: ooo cant wait for pics, that would be a great help! congrats anyway on your purchase! x
  12. :cursing: ugh no bag. I swear.
  13. ^^^lol hope she comes today!!! x she will be worth the wait!
  14. well no bag :cursing: I'm getting mad. It supposedly went out priority mail last wed, it should have been here. the seller was less than thrilled with the price it went for, but thats not my problem. She better have sent it out :mad:
  15. after seeing Nawth's mais, go for that!! :woohoo: