AHHH! Amazing, crazy news.


Feb 8, 2006
I doubt anyone remembers but a few months ago I was debating saving up for a speedy or a pochette accesoires. I decided on the pochette, and began saving up for it. Once I did, about a month later, I tried to order it from eluxury but my mom didn't think that a new purse was really worth the $285. She wouldn't give in to letting me buy it, and I became really upset and even stopped being active on tPF.

Anyway, fast forward to May 12, when I was getting ready for my 8th grade formal. My older cousins were over, and said, "Your mom told me you wanted a Louis. I have one, I love it sooo much. What's the one you want, can you show it to me?" So I did.

Fast forward again to today, at my cousin's 1st birthday party/my graduation party. I open up their card to me and, shocked, see the printed out pochette's page on louisvuitton.com, with "It should arrive Wednesday" written on the bottom.

Yaaaaaaaaay!!!! I'm still in so much shock that they would buy this for me. Its so, so generous. You can trust me that I said thank you what must have been six trillion times!

I can't wait for wednesday!!! I'll post pictures when it comes!


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Mar 18, 2007
awww, what a sweeeet story:tender:~ congratulations on your graduation and your pochette full of love!! can't wait for the pics!!
--- happy first b-day for your cousin also!:flowers: