AHH - keep the gorgeous Indian Rose Alma BB or exchange for an Epi? (Blk or Electric)

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  1. Hi Dolls!

    So I made a sort of impulse purchase yesterday... I knew I wanted an alma bb or even the prada small promenade (similar shape) for a while now. I wanted to venture out to buy my first high end bag in a bright colour that I could wear in the spring/summer. I LOVE pink .. and I usually always have on some kind of either a subtle, medium or bright pink lipstick regardless of the season. Where I live we have very very long winters and so I really only have from April-End of September to really enjoy and use the bag without it screaming "look at me look at me".

    With that being said.. I truly love love this colour and it makes me so happy looking at it but I am not sure if it's practical. I am worried 5+ years from now when/if I become a mommy it may be too childish and loud for me and I really do not want it to sit in the back of my closet just so I can stare at it and call it pretty...

    So my alternative is to exchange to Black Epi Electric or the regular Epi in Noir.
    I do have another small Black Chanel Half Moon WOC that I love and wear every weekend.. so I assume I would just be alternating. What I do like about either black option in the Epi is that there is no loud logo which I CAN wear to work on the occasional Fridays....

    Please help????!!! :cry:
  2. You should get something that makes you really happy. You can wear it all season as long as it matches your outfit , I love vermis and pink is gorgeous. If you don't step out your comfort zone, you will never know how much you can rock the bag, I can definitely see that she makes you smile, alma is such classic piece, you will not look childish with this bag not even 5 years or 20 years. Choose the one you love and wear her all season. Good luck!
  3. I agree, don't let seasonality affect your choice of handbag / outfit! Pick the one that makes your heart skips a beat!
  4. What about fuchsia epi? It's still a gorgeous shade of pink but a lil more toned down which may encourage you to use it more.
  5. The alma in Indian rose is GORGEOUS. But I'd pick what really makes your heart beat fast. With that being said the silver hardware on epi is actually so delicious. The alma bb in questch is on my wish list. It's so pretty! I'd check out that color also :smile:
  6. " I truly love love this colour and it makes me so happy looking at it"

    Then you must be crazy for considering a swap haha :smile: but seriously, if you love it, keep it! It's absolutely stunning all year round IMO and sounds like it will go perfectly with your style. Who cares if it screams 'look at me'? Vernis is wonderful, I would want everyone to look at it!

    "I am worried 5+ years from now when/if I become a mommy it may be too childish and loud for me"

    If in five years time you feel that you have outgrown the colour, I'm sure that you could sell it and replace it with a calmer and more neutral bag. 5 years is quite a long time in the future, I wouldn't buy bags now that you might want in 5 years time, I would buy bags now that I want right now! :smile: GL with your decision, keep us updated
  7. +1
    i love the alma in indian rose and it sounds like you do to. why get something you are not head over heels for? i say keep the alma in indian rose!
  8. The more I stare at it.. try it on.. switching outfits and picturing it with many different spring/summer outfits the more I want to keep it. I think you all are right, I have to take a chance. I can't keep purchasing safe colors although I will always have my staple blacks and browns ... It's fun to stray away from that especially in a style like the Alma BB. I still have a couple weeks to decide if I want to exchange but if I decide to keep it... I might just do a little fun reveal and some mod shots (even though some of you will already know from this thread what I got.. unless I exchange it) - keep the opinions coming everyone... it really helps! xoxo
  9. I say keep it. The color is beautiful. I'm literally in a cafe right now with woman who looks to be at least 45 and she is carrying one wearing all black (it's winter here). Looks great on her and I'm sure it'll look great on you.
  10. Amazing! - Pink will always be one of my favourite colours. Even if I "outgrow" the colour.. It will always be special piece because it's such a timeless shape from LV and it is just so darn cute!! The bag is very me right now, I dress very sophisticated but also fun.. and I think the bag will match perfectly with my style. I am wearing all black today too and I was trying it on and I love it. I love the Pomme but the IR just spoke to me more. Plus I already have the Sarah Wallet in Pomme and I have been wanting an IR piece for a while whether it be an SLG or Handbag. I just have to think about how much use I will get from it for it to be worth it. I hate having bags sit in my closet that are not used and loved. I am glad I have it at home though to just try on with different outfits etc and to just soak it in and really make the right choice. :smile:
  11. I'm 41, I have a 17 yr old daughter and I just got the BB in Pomme. I love it and I think it looks fabulous in me! I think it's all in how you view yourself not how you let others view you. If you love it, keep it and rock it!
  12. What???? Your 41 ? Your kidding right? You look about 21 in your picture!!!! Give me your secrets please!!! lol. You go girl :woohoo:.
  13. OP, i would keep the RI Alma bb. Black bags are kind of boring imo. I mean if you are going to a formal affair than yes a black Alma bb in EE would be perfect. But if you want to carry this bag for fun like lunches out with girlfriends or dinner dates with your hubby. Than you got to stay with the pink!!!! :smile:
  14. I say keep it! Don't let other factors affect your decision i.e. weather and 5 years from now
    If you love it then keep it.
  15. Definitely keep the RI! it is gorgeous and i think looks fabulous on 21 or 101. Enjoy this bag you love without worrying about being safe with colour. Its fun to take risks with fashion! Maybe save for black epi and purchase that next.