AHH! Baby Cabas or Red Caviar Jumbo Flap?

  1. I've got to decide soon whether I want to get the navy or black Baby Cabas or the new red Caviar Jumbo Classic Flap. I have wanted a red Jumbo forever, but the Baby Cabas is so tempting.

    I already have a black metallic Luxe bowler and a black caviar Jumbo Classic. I know in the end the decision will be mine, but I'm so bad at making decisions! On one hand, a red flap only comes around once in a blue moon. But on the other hand, the baby Cabas might not be produced again!
  2. I think I'd go for the red flap........but I'm also on the fence about a Baby Cabas.

    Sorry, I'm no help!!!! :p
  3. ohh la la! :nuts: :nuts:

    where did you find a red jumbo caviar?
    do they have more than one?
    Let me know what you decide if they don't
  4. since you already have flap bags, go for the baby cabas.
  5. Edna - I would probably go with the Black Leather Baby Cabas since it's hard to get them. This bag is on my list too.

    You can get the flaps just about anytime. Although, that color is so beautiful.

    It's a tough call.

    Good luck.
  6. I vote for red caviar because I think it will sustain it's "WOW" factor much longer.
  7. Red caviar jumbo = timeless. :yes:
  8. ITA with aprilvalentine. I think the red caviar jumbo flap is also more versatile.
  9. I vote for the Baby Cabas in navy since you already have two black bags.

    I really tried to love my dark brown caviar Jumbo Classic Flap when I was wearing it. It was beautiful to look at but I really hated the extra step of the flap when getting in and out of the bag. At least my Luxury flap is flexible; the caviar drove me nuts being so rigid that getting in and out was a pain.

    On the flip side, I adore my khaki Cabas! It is so easy to tote around!!
  10. First of all, you must not have kept that black with gold hardware reissue? It looked so beautiful on you!... Anyway... I think you should go with the navy cabas. I just got my white cabas today, and it is so much prettier in person. It has that certain something, and now having it, I see why everyone on here has raved for so long! You'll be able to get the red classic later for sure, there always re-releasing classics in all the colors. Anyway, you already have a classic flap.
  11. I vote for the red flap!!
  12. I vote baby cabas! And if you wait a few months there's a fantastic red lambskin flap. Maybe you can get the navy cabas now and a red flap later?
  13. I vote for the red flap because if you decide you want it later it will be alot more expensive.
  14. Red flap! Such a beautiful bag :love:
  15. red flap! those are head-turning stunners!