1. Hopefully I'm posting this in the right section of the forum!

    I'm trying to choose a Louis Vuitton agenda and am torn between the Epi (sensible, would match my Epi Madeleine bag) @ €220 and the Suhali that you reviewed in your blog @ €280.

    Is this the gold colour? It's fab.. I think? Or is it too 'bling'?


    The other consideration is that the Epi has a standard 6 ring binding system, so I'd be able to use filofax refills. The Suhali has some weird binding rod thing instead.

    Which should I go for? Ta muchly :smile:
  2. I really like the gold colour, but it depends on you as a person. I guess me being young, it is generally more appealing for me to have brighter colours. I do wish the agenda was slightly bigger though..
  3. get the gold's gorgeous and will definitely stand out!
  4. I'm certainly more drawn to it. With the conservative bag I've chosen, I think I could probably get away with a bright agenda? It'd certainly be easy to find in the bag!!
    It's just so not 'sensible' though. The sensible buy is the less expensive black Epi to match the bag and which takes standard refills. Does anyone know anything about the binding mechanism in the Suhali?

    Or, is the another agenda I should consider instead?
  5. Just recently got an agenda and I really LVoe it! The Suhali looks fab but the Epi is a good alternative especially if you want to use standard refills. Either way, you can't go wrong with those two.
  6. LOVE the gold, but hate the binding system. I would go for vernis!! (Since I just did, ha ha) But the vernis takes filofax and hello kitty refills, and has a little bling - I hate being tied to only LV refills myself...
  7. I love the LV trim around the edges on this one. The binding is like Hermes agendas. I'd go for the suhali because its different.
  8. I did !!
  9. It's so cute and blingy! Congrats!
  10. OH, I really like it! Congrats! A really nice bling and classic shape. :tup:
  11. LOVE THE GOLD!!!! Congrats!