agendas and notebooks in bags

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  1. i couldn't locate an agenda thread, but i'm super curious about why agendas (like LV, for example) are so popular when we have mobile devices to store things in. i haven't used a notepad/agenda or pen in my bag since.. well, forever. i was talking to my mom the other day and was shocked when she said she needed a new notebook and pen for her bag. i didn't even realize she carried one. i don't understand the popularity, especially given the paperless society we were striving for. isn't it easier to just pull out your smartphone than carry a gigantic agenda? is this (maybe) an older woman thing or do young girls use these too?
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    No, it really isn't, and lots of people use very compact agendas, not gigantic ones. The ergonomics of typing on a micro keyboard are far worse than using a paper and pen. And this is especially true for people with wider fingers or less good eyesight. There are texting and keyboarding phone users, and then there are people who avoid doing that.
  3. I use my iphone for grocery lists & random thoughts

    I use my planner for to-do lists. It's really satisfying to cross things off.
  4. I find the action of moving hand across paper calming.
    Also, I'm not staring into a screen light.
    And trying to punch teeny keyboard with my clumsy thumbs.
    Have an almost photographic memory of things I physically write.
    Whereas phone typing--forgotten in 5 minutes.

    I also read physical books, rather than kindle, etc.
    Because the pages have scents. And crinkly noise. And texture. Even memory triggers.
    Whereas a flat screen is a flat screen--meh.
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  5. All the above, plus filing old pages gives you something to look back over, I still have the diary page for the day I met my now-husband, the little notes I made, especially the ones in the days before and immediately afterwards bring back some amazing memories... that wouldn't happen if it was a digital entry in a calendar.

    But they're also faster to take notes (grab, open, scribble down thoughts, put away again) than doing the same on a phone, the batteries never die and they don't need upgrading every year or so, they can't be hacked, and older models don't become unusable or un-synchable, I have some inserts in mine I've had for over 6 years, and some of the accessories (clear wallets for photos, rulers and dividers) for over 12!

    By contrast, my first ever mobile phone is an unusuable plastic brick by now (adaptor and battery both dead, and replacements never worked) so all my texts and stuff are locked away, never to be seen again... whereas I have diary pages on paper dating back to teenage angst. :smile:

    There are some great planner-community blogs where people share their ideas, "Philofaxy" is a good jumping-off point, and there are a few threads on here, it's one of the things I went looking for after I joined because I'm passionate about using a GTD ("Get Things Done" by David Allen) system in my Filofax and wondered if that was shared on here. Filofaxes and other makes are the ideal "SLG-meets-practicality" item IMO!! :heart:
  6. I carry my iPhone and Lilly Pulitzer agenda
  7. I use my agenda not just for planning, but also as a diary/daily journal. I draw in it and glue in ticket stubs and receipts, pretty sure my iPhone would be a mess if I tried using it the way I use my agenda. :P I also use it to jot down my spending, plans, to-do lists etc, so far I've yet to find one app that serve all functions I need, and I can't be bothered having several apps cluttering up my phone when I can easily have it all in front of me on a single agenda page. Plus, having a nicely laid out, all purpose agenda is so satisfying! Way more appealing to the organizer in me than a phone.

    The agenda I have is the Hobonichi Techo, by the way. Best one there is.
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  8. I love love love planners/agendas!!! I use my mobile for reminders and alarms. But for calendaring and to dos and work stuff, I really rely a lot on my agenda. I have a large one on my workstation and a medium size for everywhere else. I love the touch of paper and writing things down just make my brain clearer.
  9. I make my DD write our grocery list on paper with a pen. I just feel that it is important to develop your handwriting - I know so many people who never write but only type! And as others have said: the motion of handwriting is very soothing and helps with the thought process.
  10. I hate phone planners / agenda apps. Its hard to find one that fits my needs & how I think / remember things. So mine is only used for scheduling alarm updates to remind me of non-routine things like the pets heartworm medication or far off appts.

    But for regular memos, lists, daily outlines and such... I prefer written form. Normal planners, agendas, ect. Or even just a small memo pad.

    I'm the same way about books though. I *hate* e-books / PDF books. I have a tablet, but I won't read books on it and I do not buy e-books if it can at all be avoided. I prefer actual books. I struggle to finish e-books. I read through actual books very quickly.

    (I also dislike phone calls, emails & texting. But enjoy written letters and direct communication. But I have no issue with forums. So it just boils down to preference I guess.)
  11. I keep all of my personal paperwork at my office and I'm just spending an hour here this evening down that (and browsing tPF of course).

    Anyway I just reached into my bag for my agenda which is a notepad not a diary. It opens nice and sits flat so I can look at my notes and to do lists.

    When I put to do lists and reminders in my phone if I don't set an alert I forget all about them. If I do set a reminder it goes off at an inappropriate time, I silence it and then forget all about it. If I put my to do list in my phone the screen turns off while I deal with one item, then I have to unlock it and look again. It's a bit tiresome doing it that way.

    My agenda sits nicely on my desk with all my things and lists in it, I can think, look away, browse here yet it is still there waiting and ready for me unlike my phone that has again turned itself off.

    Also, sometimes I am discussing what's written in my agenda with someone using my mobile phone. CBA with that double click, turn speaker on, find notes, every bugger listening, while trying to update phone app and mistyping everything.
  12. I like having an agenda & use it for many everyday things...
  13. I like crossing things off a list, so there's one reason why I like having an agenda. I also keep papers (bills, receipts, etc.) in it. I just find it more useful than my phone.
  14. I prefer writing what I need to do daily and I like making lists with tasks/items to check off. I will often check my planner before looking at my phone to see what I need to do. When I write things, it's much easier for me to organize my thoughts. I also like to doodle when I write.
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