Agenda owners/lovers advice please?

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  1. I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on the Paul notebook cover, but there are no standard size blank (sketch) notebooks that fit inside. Ironically, I’m cringing about spending the $60 for the LV notebook for it (thin-ish, limed paper, and I love to draw), but I’m not thinking twice about buying the cover itself. Also, it is extremely difficult to find any after-market notebooks that fit- it is a non-standard size (refills are 5.5x7.5”).

    Do any of you own both the Paul and an MM and/or the GM agenda cover? If so, what do you consider the pros and cons of each? The MM cover isn’t that much more than the Paul, so price isn’t that big of a factor in that regard.

    Any advice you have is greatly appreciated. I’m super torn (paper pun-).
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  2. Good one!
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  3. I highly recommend the GM.
    The hardware on the Paul will get all scratched up.
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  4. I have the Paul MM in monogram and have not found any issues with the hardware so far.

    The notebook insert I have is a spiral bound notebook from Muji which fits nicely onto the slots and can be changed out :smile: I believe it cost around 3 USD a piece!
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  5. I have the LV Desk Agenda GM (with rings), the LV Desk Agenda GM (no rings) and the Paul
    cover MM (size B6 notebooks). While I love the look of the Paul MM - finding notebooks that fit nicely is hard! The desk cover without rings is nice because it fits any A5 system such as Staples Arc system or Levenger. Right now I have the Staples system in mine (cost). The ring binder is great too because there are a ton of custom options on Etsy - with custom dashboards, dividers. GM is the standard A5 size. The Paul cover is a pain to find notebooks. The one I found that seems best so far is the Muji double ring plain notebook in size B6 - usually around $3.00 USD.