Agenda or organizer?

  1. Hey ladies- I am looking for something to keep my bills and misc. paper in - I don't really need an agenda because I have a blackberry but wondered if anyone has the yen holder or other LV organizer?
  2. I don't have it...I give this a bump may be other can help you out
  3. I have a small ring agenda but only keep the blank lined paper in it...

    For keeping papers, receipts, coupons, movie tickets, etc., etc., etc. I use the Poche Toilette 19. Originally I wanted it for makeup but couldn't bear to see it get dirty inside, so I put my makeup into a cheaper case. :P I love the 19 -- it's a great size! I also keep my palm pilot in it's hard case in there... Baggie of Tylenol, vitamins.... just all the "stuff" I can't be without!
  4. I have a Damier Pocket Agenda... I love the small size... :yes:
    DSC02560.JPG DSC02575.JPG
  5. Thanks for the bump - any other help?