Agenda Leather Options

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  1. I'm trying to figure out what non-exotic leathers the agendas (specifically a globetrotter or vision zip) come in? The only who that I know they come in for sure are Rodeo and Epsom, but besides that, I'm clueless. I did a search in the reference section but it didn't turn up any nice comprehensive list. I was thinking about the Rodeo but I would like to know what options I have open to me. Thanks.
  2. My GM agenda is chevre mysore, if that's any help to you.
  3. I Was just looking for one the other day and they came in all kinds of leathers, evergrain, swift, box...
  4. I think they have all sorts of leathers.

    My GM agenda is chevre mysore, and recently I've seen swift, box, tadelakt and epsom in stores.

    Do you have a particular color in mind? You might want to try comparing the same color across leathers cos different leathers take colors differently.
  5. i have a zipped agenda in box, and my mother has one in epsom, and i've seen barenia too. i think they come in just about any leather.
  6. You should download and watch the agenda screensaver on the world of Hermes website. It's a rainbow of leathers and colors and totally droolworthy! :smile:
  7. Chevre is a great choice for an agenda because it is so durable---especially in a color, because it also tends to resist color transfer from denim, etc.
  8. The Vision Zip comes in Barenia and is absolutely gorgeous in that skin.
  9. I've seen
    Epsom (have this)
    Chevre (not sure which variety)
    Eversoft (would not recommend, it feels lovely but did not look to be holding up well)
  10. barenia:heart: