Agenda hardware

  1. Hi guys!
    I just purchased a red epi agenda with silver (palladium) hardware and was wondering if it comes in gold (brass) hardware as well? Went on the eluxury site but it doesn't state any of this.
    Any takers?
  2. it does.. but in the past year they've changed the epi to palladium hardware instead.
  3. Aw...guess I'll have to stick to my current one, still love it though, just thought gold hardware would look nicer with the LV refills which have gold leaf edges.
  4. You would have to have a store call around for you to locate one. They have since changed to the silver tone.
  5. old epi was gold, new epi silver.
  6. Since I'm all the way down in Sydney that'll be such a hassel. I still love it though so I'll just keep it.
    Thanks so much.