Aged Vachetta?

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  1. Upon researching the Mini Luggage bag (which I absolutely love), I came across aged VVN cowhide (aged cowhide-leather in the detail section). Anyone here have more detail about it? Like, how it's aged? Any difference to the normal Vachetta they use, apart from the fact that it has been patinaed?

    Here's the link to the bag.
  2. I think it’s similar to the boite chapeau souple? My SA just told me that it has been tanned but didn’t say how long. It’s a lovely shade.
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  3. The speedy b 25 trunks from last summer also has that same leather. It works very well with a piece that is supposed to look vintage.
  4. Love to see a pic of this if you have it! Very interesting!
  5. Wow, I love the reverse!!
  6. No idea what's involved with it, but I think it looks WAY better than new 'raw' vachetta!
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  7. This is raw vs treated vachetta: IMG_2090.JPG
  8. Yes. Treated leather is better. I've noticed it in boite chapeau souple around me. Many girls in my neighborhood have this bag.
  9. Patiently waiting...
    I tried in the duffle in this combo. Fine leather is glazed and was wrinkled so not sure if I can handle it but will see.
  10. Do you know if it will patina further?
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