AG or Magenta? Which one would you choose?Help Pls!


Which one would you choose? :)

  1. '05 Apple Green Day

  2. '05 Magenta City or Work

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Given my currenct collection, which color would you choose for my next bag?:yes:

    '05 Apple Green (Day) or '05 Magenta (City or Work)?

    Your help is greatly appreciated- as always!:love:

    Thanks in advance!:tender::heart:
  2. Magenta!!!

    I had never really been a fan of Magenta....until I saw hmwe's gorgy Work!!!:drool::drool:
    Also, another factor is that I'm personally not a fan of the Day.....I suppose I like more squared baggies:rolleyes:

    I think you should go for either City or Work in Magenta.
  3. The Magenta- it's such a rich fabulous color!
  4. Thank you so much for your responses, Tooshies and Alaska!:yes::heart: I am just so undecided because I have never seen or tried on a Day IRL- I really LOVE AG though. What is your opinion on the Day style?
  5. i base my decision (yes i love ag) on the style, so i vote day. but if you find a magenta day, go for it.
  6. I really love apple it's such a fun color now I prefer it in the city so I voted magenta.
  7. I do love the AG, but I'm just not a fan of the Day style....that's the main reason I voted for Magenta.

    It's weird, because I do love hoto style bags, but just for Bbags I really don't like the Day style. I think the cool, edgy moto design kind of gets lost in that shape, and I think it just comes more alive in styles such as First, City, or Work. JMHO...:yes:
  8. I vote for Magenta ;)
  9. I vote for magenta work! Firstclass and hmwe's magenta works are amazing! I'm not a fan of the day style (running away from the screaming day fans!)... so city or work is my choice today and everyday! good luck!
  10. Magenta.. I think it will suit you.. oh and after seeing hmwe's Work.. I pick the Work

    Good luck with your choice
  11. Magenta gets my vote:smile:
  12. I voted for the ag day because I'm not fan of magenta but absolutely love the apple green. Have you already tried on the day style?
  13. I also vote for Magenta. It's really a beautiful color, I don't have the balls to wear something so bright, but if I could, I would totally wear Magenta!
  14. Magenta gets my vote! but I like apple cities.
  15. Marie:

    I'm a huge fan of both AG and Magenta. But not a huge fan of the Day. Having said that, I think the Magenta, while also a strong colour, is a bit more versatile. There's something about the AG that is more "fun" and youthful and sort of saucy. The Magenta is a bit more of a "grown-up" colour. I would carry both year-round (they are Bbags after all!), but I would be a bit more comfortable carrying the Magenta in a greater number of situations.

    Also, I have to say (with the devotion of the newly converted!!), the Work is a perfect size if, like me, you carry most of your belongings with you everywhere you go. I have heard that the Day can be a bit of a black hole, but I don't have first-hand experince with that.