After seeing the Visual Aids thread, are there any bags you now love...

  1. that you didn't really love before?

    Now, think I love the Saleya and the Looping MM. Might have to get one of them soon! :love: :lol:
  2.'s pretty long list
    Most of Sandra' bags
    All of Irene's speedy
    All of CB
    Not to mention denim line..

    But I have I know which bags I will get in near future (being realistic):

    Damier Saleya PM
    Damier Azur speedy 30 or 25
    Denim baggy PM
    Pochette Tikal
  3. green denim baggy gm, but would probably just get it in a mini pleaty...

    there's the Saleya PM and the Reade PM too but I already loved those...
  4. The reade Pm
  5. That is a dangerous thread, I have found soooo many that I love!
  6. Definitely! I wasn't too fond of many LV styles before, but now I really like:

    Damier Speedy 25 or 30
    Vernis Bedford
    Damier Papillon 30
    Denim Baggy PM
    Saleya PM
    Pochette Marelle
    Mono BH
    Pochette Bosphore
    Cerises Speedy 25

    Before the thread(and really before tPF, I only liked the Pochette Croissant):P
  7. All of them! Everyone makes their bags look so good that even bags that I don't care for make me think, wow that looks sharp!
  8. hmmm.. i'de say

    mat shelton-because of sandra
    mono marelle-because of sandra
    lv mizi- becauseof lv_addict
    vernis malibu street-because of lv_obsessed

    *sigh* this blog is very addictive!! before i found this, i wasn't even that INTO lv!!

  9. Oh...the Speedy 25 (mono and Damier).:love:
  10. I like the looks of that antigua bag that Ms. Blackbutterfly is modelling !
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