After much deliberation... MAB is going back..

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  1. Yes, I know I JUST got my concord MAB yesterday, but I can't justify spending this kind of money, when I find a few things wrong... for one, it is smooshy leather, which is obviously GORGEOUS, BUT I don't like the fact that the bag isn't structured when I set it down... this is one thing that I noticed also when I use to own a LP bag... Another thing is that the "click clack" of the hardware is REALLY loud on my bag, and for some reason, I'm not diggin that at all... its really annoying to me... so all that work and now she's gonna go back... :crybaby:I might be exchanging it for a Nikki instead because maybe that will have a little more structure than this MAB bag... LOVE the color, but when I can't buy bags left and right I want to make sure that its a bag that I'll actually use....i just had to vent..
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    ^:hugs: Don't worry girly. You have to do what is right for you. If you don't love it, then definitely return it. 600 dollars is a lot of money to pay for a bag you don't love, kwim? GL in choosing the right RM for you. :flowers:
  3. Rebecca Minkoff is famous for her smooshy leather that puddles! But if you don't love it, sending it back is the right thing.

    Maybe every bag is different, but I can't imagine a Nikki being more "structured" than a MAB at all. I have two Nikkis, and I would consider these the LEAST structured bags I own.

    I would suggest maybe using an organizer, like a Purseket, if you want the bag to hold it's structure better.
  4. thanks, i'll definitely consider one of those if i'm gonna look into getting a Nikki! :tup:
  5. Coachgirl12, there is a really neat feature I discovered on LB last week. On an item's page, you can click on "Touch & Feel It" which opens up a pop-up box that tells you the texture gradient (buttery, smooth, pebbled, textured, irregular), finish gradient (matte, polished, glossy, glazed, patent), and structure gradient (smooshy, relaxed, supple, structured, rigid). Under each gradient description is a picture to give you an idea of what they mean. I think this is one of the coolest features I've ever seen on a site. HTH
  6. Sorry you weren't happy with your MAB but I agree about the purse to go or purseket organizer. It will give your bag more structure whether you stick with your MAB or go for the Nikki. Good luck!
  7. I've seen that on there, but I never actually did it... I'll have to try that out... thanks a bunch!
  8. would you say ebay is where you can get the purseket organizers? or is there any particular website to get these at? :shrugs:
  9. Hi! I have tried the purse to go and chameleon purse organizers, and am pretty sure that you can get both of them on ebay...and do a search because there are some great, super helpful threads about purse organizers in the RM forum, which bags they work best with, etc. In my experience the chameleon works really well with the MAM, and people seem to lean towards the purse to go for the Nikki. GL! ;)
  10. That's too bad, CG! I think sells their own so you don't have to go through e*bay. If you have time before you have to return, you might want to try that out in your MAB first. I know what you mean about the clinking hardware though... that's why I didn't get the Carly and probably won't get the Zoe (even though it's everything else I want) - the dogleash just makes too much noise! Hopefully you'll find the perfect purple bag. :smile:
  11. thanks jsenning... this MAB actually has WAY clickier hardware than the carly or the Zoe, IMHO... thats why I have both of those already... LOL... but I'll definitely try a purseket or a purse to go organizer on my next RM bag... I have to return this one first before I can get a Nikki... so back to searching!
  12. If you don't love it, you're making the right decision to send it back! Hopefully you'll find a bag you really love soon :smile:
  13. Awe...that's a bummer! It looks so great on you! But if your not 100% in :heart: with it, I don't blame you! Just wanted to say, if you are looking for a bag with more structure, you may want to try the seems to have more structure than the MAB or Nikki. I know you mentioned you were thinking about getting a Nikki instead, but imo it has even less structure being that it's a hobo than the if structure is ultimately what your looking for, I'd stay away from the Nikki. Good Luck!
  14. Yeah I'm gonna have to figure out what I really want first... I'm seriously in love w/the Nikki though because I've always loved hobos... I should've tried the Nikki out in the first place! If I do end up getting a Nikki, I'll definitely use a purse organizer thats for sure!
  15. It's a good thing you did not decide to get your first RM on ebay! I had to return my first MAB as well... it was too big for what I like and now I'm in love with the MAB! I'm looking for a Nikki next, but just FYI, the MAM (I don't know if the size will suit you) tends to be a bit more structured due to its size. Something to think about?