After Months of Deliberation......Yay!!!! A New Jessie!!

  1. Whoopie!!!:yahoo: I just bought a Jessie on eBay! Gee, something I thought I would never do. Actually, I always was lusting for a Jillian, so that makes two things I thought I wouldn't ever do! I bought this Jessie mostly because of the way Lexie described it in an earlier thread. And, everyone that had one simply loved it! It was the Ebona one in the python embossed......very gently used for a month. Oh....that makes 3 things that I thought I would never one used! Sheeesh! What a liar I am!!
  2. yaaay :wlae: congrats gf!
  3. Wonderful CR, those Jessie's are a great size, you'll love it!
  4. Cool..........I promise to post pics. Even my husband thinks I got a great what does he know, huh???? BUT...........after this delivery......NO MORE BAGS!!!! :devil::whistle: I forgot I was supposed to be on a ban until the end of the year...............
  5. Yay Rose! You are now in the Kooba Jessie club.
  6. I hope you love it Rose! (Though I admit I am feeling way left out. I do not own a Jessie. I should perhaps proceed immediately to my local Nordstrom and remedy the situation.)
  7. Yes! And an elite club it is!!! Can't wait to post pics!!:yahoo:Between this thread and the Paris Hilton whole day has been occupied!! Ha!
  8. Compass Rose,

    Welcome to the Jessie fan club. I adore my java Jessie. I am lusting after a khaki one too (and the bourbon looks fab), but I must hold back. I need to get a Jillian first. BUT, you will love your Jessie, it's so practical and those magnetic pockets are wonderful. Doesn't matter which way you wear it, both sides look like the front side. A great bag!
  9. OK, you're all making me feel bad that I don't have a Jessie:sad:
    I keep looking at the bourbon ones, as I have for the past few months, just don't know about those buckles!
    Anyway - congratulations Rose, I'm sure you will love her!
  10. Thanks, everyone! HuskyLover and youngster.......I was exactly where you are now for many months......don't will find what you are looking for, and like me, I just jumped in and did it!!
  11. congrats!!!
  12. Congrats, Compass Rose!:yahoo:
  13. But what about the buckles? They are just decorative or do you just not like the look of them? There are some great BIns for Bourbons on eBay right now although I haven't looked over the sellers.

    More great things about this bag. The strap is adjustable up to 3 lengths which is very cool. And the pockets magnetic closure are nice and strong. I keep loose change in one of my pockets and even bills and I don't worry they fall out.

    Here is a tip for confusion on the pockets since the front looks like the back and vice versa. If in a certain pocket you keep say your keys which you need to find quickly, hand a key fob or decorative thingy on that side of the bags O ring so you can find your keys quickly without searching 4 pockets.

    I hope that Java stay at 0 bids because I'm not going higher than 200.00.
  14. I am lusting over a bourbon Jessie, lusting, I tell you.

    *tongue hanging out*

    My finger keeps hovering over the Best Offer button.....

    will she, won't she.....

    stay tuned.
  15. I think it's the look I'm not sure about. One day I look at it and love it, and the next day I'm not so sure! I know if I could find a super deal on one I would buy it. Sometimes it's so hard to tell from photos if you're going to like a bag IRL. I'm not in any hurry, going after that baca this week!