After I went through everything... they tell me now grrr

  1. I just wanted to get this off my chest and get some huggles.

    I was so happy to finally graduate college. I did paperwork, got the signatures, did the ceremonies, and got the presents.

    This week I get a letter from a grad evaluator saying they can't give me my degree because I'm short 3 units, which is one class. It's like they tell me now?

    I really thought I had all the units covered because I did all the requirements which really confuses me because the school total is 117 units and 120 is required. I've e-mailed back and forth and the evaluator stands by their stance that I'm short units.

    So now after I did everything I have to worry about enrolling, paying, and find a class to get these darn 3 units. [​IMG]

  2. Why don't they calculate all of that before the ceremonies etc.? I am sure you are ticked off. It will work out though. Big hugs.
  3. Sorry to hear that!
  4. aww that sucks Im sorry that happened to you, they really should have told you before the ceremony....You came this far dont let this stop you from totally finishing all your credit hours, Good Luck!
  5. I'm so sorry! That must be beyond frustrating!

    Perhaps take the units at a local community college? Much easier to enroll and much cheaper.
  6. Can you take a PE class or something? I did yoga for 3 credits and it was awesome!
  7. OMG I would be so upset...*hugs*
  8. awww man.... HUGS*
  9. Oh no! My cousin thought she graduated with honors and was so excited and telling everyone. She gets a letter a few weeks later saying she was a point short (or whatever you call it)and they revoked it. I think that's so lame...sorry :sad:
  10. That stinks that they told you afterwards... our college at least tells you after you apply for graduation but before the actual graduation. We found my hubby is short ONE credit! He's stuck taking a PE class this summer to earn it.
  11. That really sucks.

    The college that I went to has an online section where you can constantly evaluate where you are with your degree. It gives you a running total of credits you have as well as a running total of GPS points.

    I imagine most colleges must have this. I was to worried that something like that would happen to me so I was on top of it every semester making sure they got everything right.
  12. Sorry to hear that! I am surprised you calmed down long enough to type! It's too bad they couldn't have written out a waiver, since there was kind of confusion. Hang in there.
  13. Ours has that as well... would have been nice if the DH actually used it! Currently it is miscalculating his GPA and not putting classes in the right section... it's more of a pain then it's worth!
  14. Aw I'm sorry.
  15. take something relatively fun, if you can.

    all the tough stuff is out of the way, you can take something "fluffy"

    at least it is not one "killer" class hanging over your head.