After gazing longingly for many years, a real bargain made me take the plunge...

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  1. ...and add to my luggage collection! While I have a number of carry on bags and luggage accessories, I've always been terrified to own LV luggage because it's so well known what baggage handlers can do and how they're notorious for targeting LV. I found my Sirius 45 like new for $600, but checking her was so stressful even with a cover that I only did it twice and even then the vachetta on the corners got dirty and made me cringe.

    But I've always longed for a Pegase! I just couldn't justify the cost knowing full well it would get destroyed.

    When I stumbled onto one for a steal in good preloved condition, I hesitated, thinking it must be too big, remembering how my hard sided suitcase got through 3 trips before it was broken by baggage handlers. however, upon learning the measurements, I realized that the 60 is the maximum size that can be used as a carry on with Delta (the airline I use exclusively, as much as possible) and finally my dreams have come true! I no longer have to lug my stuffed Keepall 55 Bandouliere or Cruiser 45 around the world and stuff it in the overhead bin.

    Meet my $550 Pegase 60, who will be traveling with me on my second trip home to Scotland this year, in September! I'm so excited and my back (and shoulders) equally thrilled to get a break, since I can put my NF, Speedy Bandouliere or Estrela (my go to travel bags) on top and wheel around the airport with this beauty in much more comfort. I've learned (thanks to a lot of traveling which is my biggest hobby next to LV!) the keepalls get very heavy by the time I reach my final destination!

    Between getting her so cheap and the fact that this trip is free thanks to cashing in some Delta skymiles, I'm certain my new beauty's inaugural transatlantic crossing will be my best trip ever! Thank you for sharing with me :cutesy:



    and my luggage before this addition.


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  2. I love it! Congrats on the beautiful steal and enjoy your trip!
  3. Beautiful!! so glad you can carry her on with you. Have a wonderful trip!
  4. congratulations! may you enjoy her for years and years to come!
  5. thank you! I couldn't believe my luck on such a steal and the measurements... 22" X 18" I believe? exact maximum measurements for delta.

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  6. Congrats! And happy travels
  7. Wow. Congrats.

    I am jealous that you got such a good price :P

    Quite possibly the smartest and most savvy buyer on this entire website.
  8. Safe travels to you and your Pegase! Let us know how well you like it. :amuse:
  9. Lucky find! Congrats and enjoy using this on your travels!
  10. :shame: :flowers: you are so sweet! Thank you!! :hugs:

    And thank all of you! I recently gave my dad a Sac Souple and he now wants this one instead! :roflmfao:

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  11. Love it! Congrats and have a wonderful trip!
  12. Beautiful Pegase and what a bargain. I hope you really enjoy your upcoming trip.
  13. Congratulations in such a great find! I hope we get to see you and the Pegase in the "Where In The World is LV" thread this September!
  14. Great find - what a beautiful addition to your fantastic collection! I'm surprised that it can b used as a carry-on - great news! Enjoy!