After a long hiatus, I decided to turn myself into....


Mar 3, 2006
being a Chanel die-hard!!!:yahoo:

the truth is Ive been travelling quite a lot with mom & sister recently. i always hve a passion for everything CCs but mom never really allow us(sister & I) to even go to chanel store in our area for the fact tht we're too young and bla..bla...blaa (i did buy sthing from them secretly..but she knew it all eventually anyways)

everything changed when we were in europe recently. she just kind of giving her 'approving gesture' to both of us. to prove our excitement...this is what we bought from our 2 & half weeks trip abroad...:

it's a major haul i know. some of the stuff is not even released here yet in my 3rd world place. got ourselves lotsa Chanels, few YSLs and surprisingly only an LV (i was a self-proclaimed most die-hard LV fan before....but not anymore now i suppose~:crybaby::tup:) .

i have a lot of pixx to share with u guys but resizing them and editing really took soo much of my time. i promise to post more tomorrow (since its already 1.00am here and i got a class 2row..) but first, lets play the guess game: 'what do you guys think is in any of the boxes?'

to all the Chanel residents, i hope you guys welcome me here. i mean, im a guy & i was from LV forum b4....but hey, we can never get enuff of only one brand dont we? and yes, im still young & learning to adapt to all these things called luxury. i still :heart: LV of course...but i heart Chanel even more :yes:.


Nov 26, 2006
Love the boxes, but where are the pics? We are all dying to see your Chanel goodies! :drinks: