after a long gucci break...

  1. i finally bought another gucci bag!:yahoo: according to the SA it's called the duchessa bag. it's a little hobo that can fit quite a lot, laminated brown gucci canvas with brown leather straps and piping with a cute gold bow and a gucci crest dangling from the strap. i wish i could upload photos but we just got an imac and am totally clueless as to how i can upload photos to this site. so stay tuned...til i figure this thing out.
  2. yay, congrats!!

    can't wait to see pics, if you want you can email me the pics and i try to upload them...
  3. Congrats can't wait to see photos
  4. I almost bought that bag............does it zip closed?? The style was so cute and I thought it would be so easy to take care of w/it being laminated, just wipe it off but I'm pretty sure DH would have said it looked cheap.

    I think it's totally cute though, good buy.

    Post pics when you can. Did you get the large hobo or med?? They only had the large when I tried it on, reminded me of the biba style and it was $965 or $995, can't remember exactly.
  5. yes, it does zip close. i got the smaller one (saw the big one too btw). i liked it from the moment i saw it. :tup: dh likes it, too!
  6. Congrats on the new GUCCI bag! Post pics when you can!
  7. sounds fantastic. would love to see pics :smile:
  8. sounds great! i really want to see pics ='(
  9. i love the GG plus line - it's really weatherproof, but i can't seem to recall the bag you described. Pics might help ;)
  10. guys, i have just posted pictures in a new thread. enjoy!
  11. Hi,
    Which Duchessa did you get? The smaller one or the larger one? I've got the middle size ordered but haven't seen it in person. Saks didn't have their Gucci Look Book yet.
  12. oh i think i know which bag you're talking about! & its gorgeous :biggrin: congrats!!