Affordable Dresses - stores like Lulus

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm stuck as I usually don't shop online much... any stores like that come to mind when shopping for cute, inexpensive dresses. Dresses ranging from $50-$80/per dress? I'm looking for several dark blue/navy dresses for my wedding party and will be paying for them myself. I'd like the dresses to be classy, but something that my BM's can wear again. Instead of one of those traditional BM's dresses that you spend $200 on and can only wear once.

    Any ideas on where to look?

  2. What about the ruched jersey Lauren Ralph Lauren dresses? I have a couple of those dresses in various colors/styles and they are magic! Super flattering, the knee length ones can be dressed up or down, the floor length ones are gorgeous, they come in all kinds of necklines, you can even find embellished styles if you want something more glam & I've never had to pay full price for one either bc TJ Maxx/Marshall's type places always carry them. If you need a range of sizes for bridesmaids I'm sure they're easy to find on dept store websites

  3. i too have been on a hunt for a renewal of the vows bridemaid dress in royal blue.

    have you checked out those convertible maxi dresses(infinity dresses) each bridesmaid would be able to do a different style.
    you can find them online or even on ebay.
  4. I picked infinity dresses in burgundy for my bridal party since I have a wide range of sizes to accommodate - figured it's best to let each person decide how to style it so they feel fabulous! My friend Heather had them in her wedding two years ago and her bridesmaids looked beautiful. Full price they were $120 but my ladies bought them during an online half price sale so the price was super reasonable.

    We went with knee length since it's a summer wedding but I even bought one for myself since I like the dress so much!