1. I'm new to the whole eBay world. I've only bought a few items. All have been small items. I really want a specific item and everytime it's listed I've been out bidded :crybaby:. For the past 3 auctions this item has been sold ( for more $$$ than I'm willing to pay) to the same buyer, who then turns around and tries to sell the item for twice as much. :cursing: My question is can I contact the seller and try to purchase the item? Is this safe? Can this be done? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. i don't think you can do much b/c trying to contact a eBay seller and asking to sell outside of eBay is against policy. They might be willing but you run the risk of them reporting you...
  3. It wouldn't hurt to try though odds are you won't meet with success. If one is interested in the amount offered they might be agreeable to listing it at a pre-arranged BIN price, a very unlikely scenario considering most sellers are very attuned to merchandise value and prefer letting market forces determine their net profit. Good Luck to you! :jammin: