Jun 2, 2013
Boston, MA
Hello - hope all is well! I haven't been on the forum in a bit, but now that I've passed some exams, I'm looking to get a new crossbody bag. I want to keep the budget around $1,500 (or less). I have a LV NM pochette in monogram with the crossbody leather strap that is my most used/go to bag currently. Looking for any advice. Appreciate it! Thanks!


Mar 15, 2020
Alma BB in Damier Ebene is a great option (or Mono - whatever pattern you like the most). Keep in mind it's $1430 without tax, so it will come out to more than $1500 total.

As far as decent sized crossbody's with that price range, I think Alma BB is your best bet. Unless you are looking at smaller, cute bags - then also check out Nano Speedy or Nano Noe - both are in the $1200 range. They've been available at the stores lately or through phone order with client services for the holidays.

Noe BB is also a great crossbody for that price range, but may turn off some people due to the large amount of vachetta.
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