Advice with a seller? Please and thank you!

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I recently saw an item that I would love to buy. I messaged them asking them to email me pictures of the item to double check its authenticity. They did not reply. My mother then decided to bid on it, and won. As soon as she won, she wrote to the seller quickly asking for additional pictures. The seller replied saying that she will not send the pictures, as the item is already packed, and she will not unpack it for pictures.

    In addition, she threatened to sell it to the next highest seller. The eBay id is lluria23, and her last feedback is almost a year ago. Im concerned about paying for the item, as I am worried she might try to pull something. It's already suspicious that she never replied to my ID asking for pictures, and snapped at my mother.

    Any advice?
  2. I'm confused, did you want/ask your mother to bid on it for you?

    If you wanted/asked her to, then I think you should pay for the item. If it turns out the item is not authentic, you can try contacting the seller for a refund. If no response (which it seems you may be in for) then proceed with a SNAD claim. I would advise that you do not bid/buy anything unless you are sure about its authenticity, whether through the AT threads or other channels. When your questions aren't answered or additional pics aren't provided, you have to be willing to walk away in order to avoid headache later. If you don't pay, the seller can file a NPB strike against you. Only you can decide if you will pay or not.
  3. My mother decided to bid, and I am still worried about the authenticity. I can deal with the strike, as I can explain it in the comments. the only issue is i am leaving the states in a week, so I dont want to deal with a fake, and have to return, and run out of time
  4. In general, when a seller doesn't answer questions prior to the listing ending, the service is not any better after the auction ends. I am not surprised that they are refusing to send photo's now.

    Is there any way you can post the auction here (on the appropiate board) and get some opinions on the authenticity?

    The seller can not leave you a negative. The strike would be on your account but is not something thats reflected in your feedback score.

  5. Agree here... while I usually don't suggest not paying for an item,

    under these circumstances you might ask the seller to agree to

    a mutual cancellation if not you will have to think about which is the

    lesser of two evils.. dealing with a non responsive seller, taking the

    strike or perhaps having to file a SNAD.. how long will you be gone??

    If your mother bought this, would the item be shipped to her??

    Is there any reason why you are thinking this item is not authentic???
  6. i will be gone for a month. and my mother brought it for me, so it would be shipped to me. I just want to make sure its authentic, I dont usually know how authentic jackets can be, so I just want to make sure.

  7. Good luck... You only have a 45 day window to file a claim and

    hopefully your mother used a credit card...
  8. Did you mother buy it for you using your eBay account, since you say it would be shipped to you?
  9. IA with hotshot. Ask for the mutual cancellation.

    Did you post the auction in one of the AT threads and more pictures were asked for to authenticate?

    I hope everything turns out ok with whatever you decide. Good luck and safe travels!
  10. I keep thinking that there is more to this seller. I have seen the name pop up before on tPF. Do a search... I have a feeling you won't be happy.
  11. The only posts the name pops up in are in my posts....