Advice: Where to Shop In Santa Monica, CA?????

  1. Hello all.....
    Am making a trip out to Santa Monica at the end of the week and may have some free time on my hands for some retail therapy......any suggestions on where to go? I've got all of the "luxury" stores down the street from me (NM, Saks, Bloomies, Gucci, Dior, JC, Max Mara, etc) - so looking for more boutique/unique shopping.

    Thanks for the help!
  2. 3rd Street Promenade:
  3. Fred Segal.
  4. Definitely check out Fred Segal and the boutiques on Montana Ave. (near 14th). Also, Foot Candy Shoes is on San Vicente & Montana in Brentwood.
  5. Third Street Promenade has mostly chain stores (eg Banana, J Crew, Club Monaco, etc), but it's great entertainment and people-watching (street performers, etc).

    Montana has great boutiques, like Mockinglee pointed out, like Planet Blue. Very close by on 26th is Brentwood Country Mart that has Calypso, James Perse, and other stores.

    Outside Santa Monica proper but very close are Abbot Kinney, a street in Venice that has very few chain stores and lots of funky boutiques. My favorites are eCookie and Heist.

    Happy shopping!

  6. mockinglee -
    always lookin' out for me....thanks babe! Appreciate the link...and will def check it out!
    what it your new avatar???

    balihai88 -
    thanks for elaborating and the info on Abbot Kinney......will take a look-see!
  7. Based on experience:
    If you wear above a size 6, do NOT bother patronizing Fred Segal. They'll make sure you feel like sh!t.