advice requested

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  1. I have a very nice seller of a "not handbag" item. I bought the item, it shipped and arrived, and it was not what I bought. It seemed an honest mistake. I returned it, she was out of town for the holiday, then she returned. It took her a week to reply and say she didn't have the version I paid for (I paid a lot, relative, for it as we really wanted it as a Christmas gift). Now I just got a message that she doesn't have the item. Okay, she sent the wrong one and sold the other. Fair enough but my patience is wearing. I asked for a refund, then she said she would look for what I bought.

    What do I do next? It's not an expensive item, but it's frustrating and she's had my money for 6 weeks. I have nothing but tracking on my return and her messages. :tdown:
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    She has the item right? So you don't need to file a SNAD unless she doesn't process the refund. When did she receive it? Has it been 24 hours? If she has it, I would send her a brief note simply stating to process the refund by a certain time tonight or tomorrow, depending on when she got the item back.

    I re-read your post and it looks like she got the item at least a week ago. I would give her a few hours, maybe until midnight or early a.m. (your time zone) to return the money and open a dispute with PayFoe if I don't see the money in my account after the deadline.
  3. Thank you. Yes, I've been very patient. She clearly made an honest mistake, but she also clearly wants to keep the money.
  4. Update: JUST heard back from her and she said she'd refund tomorrow. Phew! It was getting so long I was worried. It does seem it was an honest mistake with sending the wrong one.

    Thanks again for your reply.
  5. let us know what happens tomorrow...good luck
  6. Yes, please let us know. Sending the wrong item may have been a mistake but forgetting to refund someone for a week is not!
  7. Any update? I'm curious to know how this ended.
  8. Thanks for checking on me. Nothing yet. Ugh. I'll escalate on Monday. I'm sending a last message asking again, finding out why it wasn't refunded when she said it would be.
  9. Sounds like she was just trying to keep you happy and off her back by telling you she was going to refund you. Definitely escalate first thing Monday and keep us posted.

    Sounds like she spent the money and sold the original item. What a shyster...
  10. sorry you're having a problem! Just wanted to say hi though!
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    Emailed support at Bonanzle and now I guess I need to contact Paypal. What a pain in the back.

    Updated: just verified the date of the transaction, and she put me off long enough to get past the 45 days. I'm so frustrated. My fault for being nice, it seems. Saw me coming. :sad:
  12. Mark responded VERY quickly and is helping in contacting the seller.
  13. honestly, since you have returned it Paypal may allow you to file even after the 45 days.

    Did you pay with a CC? Try to call Paypal first, if they don't allow then file with your CC or bank.
  14. I did have it returned within the 45 and have tracking and proof she got it. Thanks.
  15. The money finally cleared the bank for my refund. Got a USPS money order, so I waited to post to see it clear. Finally, this week, it's cleared.