1. Okay, I've been gawking at LVs for a VERY long time!! Now that I'm an "adult" with a job and a family, I feel that it is time to splurge a little on myself and make the "big" purchase. Any advice for a newbie who wants her first LV??? I'm loving the Speedy's (nice classic bag) but I'm open to other opinions. If I do go with a Speedy...should I do a 25 or a 30? Damier or Mono? HELP!!!

  2. 30, damier
  3. I would suggest the 30. As to the mono or damier, this would depend on your personal preference, age, and life style. I purchased, a few months ago, my first speedy in mono. I just think the damier is too formal for my life style and too matronly (I will turn 43 next month).
  4. i think you should go for the damier 30 first (2 months ago..) was a mono speedy 30 and i love it to death but i wish i got the damier because it is easier to take care of. Congrats on your decision to get a lv!!!! you're going to become addicted tho watch out!!
  5. I would go with a Speedy. I just got a Mono 25 and I love it!!!:love: You might want to go with Damier because then you don't have to worry about the naked vachetta leather getting water spots, etc. Damier is worry free but I just wanted the mono because I already had a Damier Saleya PM (also a great bag!) :flowers:
  6. I think the Speedy is a great first bag. I got the Mono 25 as my first LV and I love it. I would recommend the 30 size though as I seem to be outgrowing my 25. As for Mono or Damier, I'm partial to the Mono. It really is more personal preference I think. Will you be ok if the Vachetta on the Mono got some water spots and also with the fact that the leather will darken over time? If not you might want to go with the Damier.
  7. I just got my first LV yesterday, so I am not exactly an expert, but I HIGHLY suggest the Damier. I love how the Monogram looks too (that's what I initially wanted), but after having my Damier (a Speedy 25) out in the soaking rain today as I was leaving work, I kept thinking to myself how much I love not worrying about the vachetta. The bag still looks perfect and I know I would be crying right now had I gotten the Mono, as I would have waterspots all over the handles after owning it for 24 hours.

    Also, the 25 is really big, way bigger than it looks. I am 5'2 and for me personally, the 30 looked ridiculous on me, it looked like I was carrying luggage.
  8. Damier 30 !:yes: I love big bags:love:
  9. mono 30 ---- just like my very first bag!
    Its even been caught out in a rainstorm with me and no worse for the wear!
  10. Get the damier so you dont have to worry about getting the handles & trim dirty, water spots, etc.

    I personally got the 25, because the 30 felt too big. Altough I REAALY LOVE the way the 30 looks on everyone I just wasnt comfortable with it. Im 5'3, 110lbs.

    Go to an LV atore & try them on..........
  11. Since you like the Speedy and it's an all time classic piece, I also recommend the Speedy. I prefer the Damier print. As for size, that depends on what you will be more comfortable with and how much you carry. I think you should go to the store and try them out. I actually like the look of the 25 more, but the 30 is nice,too.
  12. If you like the Speedy, go for the 30. I'm not big on the Mono or Damier Speedy though. I do love Epi Speedies though.
  13. I'm no first bag was a Speedy earlier this summer. I would say it really depends on what type of bag you are looking for. Do you definitely want something that is a hand/arm bag. Do any of the shoulder bags strike your fancy? The Speedy 30 is great though. I can put everything I need for a full day in there!!!
  14. It's simple - the Speedy Mono 30!
  15. My first LV was a Damier speedy 25, and i would def reccoment it! I'm 5'2" and it's the perfect size that i can carry a ton of stuff, yet still be okay with it as a handheld bag. I prefer the understated and classy damier print and another bonus, as others have mentioned, is that with treated leather you don't need to baby it as much as the Mono with vachetta.