Advice on vintage/new Kelly

  1. Dear Ladies,

    i know,i am a difficult patient:smile:
    I just got soooo hooked with you guys!!!!
    i decided that i def need to purchase a kelly.After checking my bank-account i have the following options:
    Buy a vintage box kelly(from L-Z,the beautiful marron fonce)and get some cash saved for accessories:yes:
    or buy a new kelly and be bankrupt:crybaby:

    I am next month in Paris...

    As i never had any vintage,i dont know which purchase would make me more Hermes-Happy:yes:
  2. I would try to wait for Paris unless the vintage box is your dream bag! It is quite likely you will be tempted in Paris... So, the question might be are you prepared for one bag or two (L-Z + Paris)??? You could plan to visit the vintage stores in Paris in addition to the H boutiques...
  3. Mrs......I would love to say "Buy the Maron Fonce" because I SO love the Boyz but if you're going to Paris next month (you LUCKY lady!!!! It's my DREAM!) I'd wait because as SoCal says, if there's nothing in the H boutiques there's bound to be something in the vintage stores!!!!

    Also, make sure when buying a vintage bag that there are no cracks in the leather and that it's not dry. Cracks can't be fixed.....this is important.

    I'd wait for Paris for sure......what a feeling it'll be to buy an Hermes bag in PARIS!!!!!
  4. There are so many bags in Paris, its Hermesalcoholic! Hard as it is, Wait or you will kick yourself! And remember it is cheaper in Paris than anywhere else so you will save $$$ over US prices for the same bag
  5. I'd wait for Paris too. Even if you don't buy this vintage bag, there will be others later.