Advice on first coach purse

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  1. Hi! I have just received my first coach purse for valentines day from my sweetie. I have the black soho. I think it is. Sorry but I dont really know that much about Coach my teenage daughters are the ones with the designer purses so please give me some advice. Do you keep the little leather tag that hangs on the purse or take it off? Dont want to look like an idiot by leaving it if your not supposed to.
  2. If you take it off, put it in the zipper pocket so you have it later.
  3. I think most people leave it on...but if it bothers you, by all means, take it off!

    Congrats on your first purse...hope your second one comes soon! :smile:
  4. I keep mine on; I feel like its part of the purse! But do whatever you like best! Congrats on the first coach!
  5. Yeah, keep it on. It's the whole Coach "thing".
  6. I keep mine on, it's like a little charm! And I hang my other charms off of the chain that the hangtag is on.
  7. I keep all of mine on.
  8. I keep them on too. :smile:
  9. i always keep them on...i love them soo much
  10. i keep mine's like a freebie charm (well, sorta...)

    congrats on your first coach, btw!
  11. Congrats on your first Coach (if you hang around here for anytime at all, it will definitely not be your last).

    Personally, I leave the hangtags on - I love them! Like most other people have said, it's like a little charm!
  12. leave it on! like indigowaters said, it's part of the whole coach "thing". congrats!
  13. Leave it on. Thats what I do:yes: And Congrats on your new purse!
  14. I leave mine on as well. Congrats on your new bag. Hopefully there will be lots more for you in the future!
  15. I guess I'm the only one who takes them off! But I don't do charms and stuff.