Advice on a price of a preowned bag

  1. A local reseller has a black togo 30 birkin that my friend is looking at. I took a look at if with her and it is in excellent condition with no corner wear but is not brand new. It is an F stamp (2002?). The price is $6500. It is on hold for her now. What is your opinion on whether this is a fair price? thanks for your advice.
  2. Is the hardware scratched a bunch? Any scratches or marks on the leather? Does it have everything that it should with it-- dustbag, lock, keys, etc etc? I think $6000 would be fair for a bag that's 5-6 years old, $6500 is a liiiiiittle high but not too bad considering what resellers charge! This is just my personal opinion though :smile:
  3. thanks for your advice RBB. It does come with everything there was some light scratches on the hardware but nothing too bad. I didn't see any marks on the leather.
    Keep the advice coming! :smile:
  4. I think this price sounds "fair". I keep my eye roving daily on the current prices of Birkins for re-sale. They are astronomical to say the least. If the bag is in good-great condition..I say go for it!:tup:
  5. S, the price sounds fine to me based on the condition you describe, which is, as best as I can tell, near perfect? If you are holding the bag and standing a few feet away looking at it, does it look like a new bag? The year is close enough to the current one that it doesn't really figure into the equation much for me. Then again, I am a stickler for keeping my bags pristine...
  6. I have not been studying prices, but if you are thinking maybe it's a little high, I think it's OK paying a premium for a bag you get to touch and study beforehand. A 5-6 year old bag in excellent condition is as good as new IMO. Good Luck!:tup:
  7. I think its a decent price but I would try to negotiate it down to 6000 or ask for no tax, which would be pretty much the same thing. Can't hurt to ask.
  8. ^^ Great idea!:tup:
  9. Rocker:
    The one deciding factor for me personally is Togo and veins. Does it have a lot of them? I would totally pay 6500.00 for an excellent condition Togo that has hardly any veins. That is my own personal preference.

    The asking price for a good Birkin at 6500.00 I don't think is to high, although I would offer 6295.00.

    Please let us know what your friend decides.:heart:
  10. Thank you all for the wonderful advice. I'm going to pass it on to my friend and will let you know how it works out. I wish I had looked more carefully at it but I knew that it wasn't for me since I have the same in a 35 so I looked at it superficially but didn't study it too well.
    I do know that the veining wasn't very apparent because that is one thing I definitely would remember (I'm not a big fan of veining either). There was no plastic on the hardware and I know the corners were not worn.
  11. well $500 in the scheme of $6,500 isn't much if your friend can hold it, love it and walk out with it...rather then going to eBay, etc to save $500...and not to get hold it, touch it and love it and risk it on someone....

    or buy it new and spend $1,000-$1,500 more....
  12. S: I think it sounds like a reasonable price. Esp since the new ones will be going up soon!
  13. I agree. :smile:
  14. I agree that the price seems reasonable! There is a 30cm black togo pre-owned on eBay from a reputable seller and the BIN is $7750.
  15. For me the condition of the bag is what I would consider the primary consideration for price rather than the year. I have bags from 2-3 years ago that I have not used, do I think they are worth less than the new bags? The answer is no...

    I personally prefer the matte crocs of 4-6 years ago than the recent ones. The older matte bags look a lot "nicer" - IMO, the skins are different. I recently purchased an older matte croc bag in super excellent condition. I paid a premium for it (i.e., over what it retailed for originally but not much less than current retail price) and I believe it was worth what I paid for. The bag is a beauty! I don't think I'll come across one like it in the boutique or the resale market for a long time....maybe never...

    Going back to topic... if the bag is in excellent condition without corner wear, $6500 is a goodt deal. I have paid more for used birkin in similar condition because it was the leather/combination I was looking for.