Advice needed on leather blade flap bag

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  1. Needing advice from some Celine experts! I’m considering purchasing a light coloured leather blade flap bag to use as a daily shoulder bag, but I’ve been able to find next to nothing out about this bag (have tried searching through the forums etc).
    I think the bag is stunning to look at, but I’m afraid that I could be kidding myself in thinking it would be suitable for daily use, particularly in a light colour.
    Could any owners of this bag please let me know how delicate it is overall / the level of “babying” required? (I’m not someone who tries to keep my bags in absolutely pristine condition - always ok with a little general wear and tear, but wouldn’t want to purchase a bag that gets marks / scuffs etc at the drop of a hat, if that makes sense).
    Any other major pros/cons regarding this bag would also be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks so much!!
  2. I still own this bag in Black Palmelato Calfskin. It really depends on the choice of leather you get. I know Palmelato (which is similar to Box) Calfskin was only used in the darker colors.

    This bag has been good to me for over 5 years now, but all in all, there are seriously quality concerns with the hardware. I've had buttons and the clasp replaced and repaired numerous times.

    I would pick a different bag to get!
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  3. Thanks so much for the advice, Sophia. I did up purchasing the bag but at what I believe to have been a great price.
    I’ll see how I feel once I have the bag in my hands and will check over the hardware now that you’ve mentioned that could be a potential issue.
  4. Do post some pictures of the bag when you receive it! All in all, quality issues aside, the bag is extremely functional and easy to use. As for inspecting the hardware, make sure the buttons on the strap are intact and hopefully the sharpness on the hardware on the side of the bag won't hurt you too much when using the bag!
  5. I will do! Actually, I may even put it up in the authentication thread for you to check over. It was a Yoogi’s Closet purchase, so I’m sure it will be fine, but when I was researching the blade bags I was stunned to come across a website selling replicas of them - I’m blown away by how pervasive the replica market is! I didn’t realise bags that I assumed were lesser known like the blade were still at risk of being fake. :hrmm:
  6. Looking forward to seeing it! Also, Celine fakes are quite easy to spot. It's only the Classic Box that has some super fakes that take a bit more time!
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  7. I've been looking into super fakes and it surprises me how convincing they are for the Celine bags. What are the dead giveaways for Celine fakes in your opinion? Because the consensus I've seen is that even with authentic Celines, the stamping varies a bit