Advice needed (on bags of course!)

  1. Hey everybody!
    It is that time of my life: I need a big black bag that says "I'm a grown up" without saying "I'm old". All my black handbags are evening purses, and they're tiny, so I need something in the tote range, I guess.
    It needs to have a shoulder strap, and my budget at the moment is around £300-350.
    Any help would be appreciated, have a nice day everybody :smile:
  2. Thanks for your advice!
    I like the Loveme better: shame that atm it's out of my reach. I blame LV :rolleyes:
  3. Oh, that's lovely!
    The website still lists it at 395$ tho, do you happen to know where I can find it on sale?
    Full price is still within my budget, but if I get it for less I can squeeze in a LV wallet before banning myself :girlsigh:
  4. EDIT: nevermind, I didn't try to checkout :smile:

    Do you have one? How does the leather feel?
    I'll have to try and get info on how much would customs charge me in the UK. That's always a pain :/
  5. I love these bags! please let us know if the leather is as good as it looks
  6. I love my new Gryson Olivia - it's adorable as an arm bag or shoulder bag, very rich and has a totally different look when the sides are snapped vs. unsnapped, and it's big and elegant looking, I think.

    HH bags are gorgeous leather too - I've loved all those I've owned!
  7. I like Linea Pelle Dylan Double Handle in black.
  8. Oooops, sorry it took so long, I was offline for the long weekend. The leather is soft and smooshy. I don't own the bag, but I own several other HH bags and love them. I've been eyeing the Suki myself.
  9. Thanks for all the answers! Apparently I waited too long and the Suki is no longer on sale :crybaby:

    I just got a Cole Haan black patent tote: had to go for it on eBay since Cole Haan doesn't ship outside the US yet :tdown:
    I wasn't too keen on patent leather, but I recently bought a pair of Prada flats in black patent with a silver point, and I was only wearing them with a Furla clutch, which basically meant only wearing them in the evening.
    Now to cross my fingers and hope I didn't get scammed!

    Still cruising around for more black bags, so keep them coming if you have more suggestions :yes: