Advice needed, lux bowler or cloudy bundle bowler!!!

  1. I know that I have been asking for a lot of advice lately.
    I tried to get the bronze pny flap bag with no luck, appears sold out... So I still really want a zipper top bag. I am trying to decide between the bronze lux bowler or the beige (darker kakhi/green color) cloudy bundle. I really like quilting so the cloudy bundle is appealing and the bronze bowler has silver hardware which I currently prefer, so... Anyone that has seen both of these bags in person, please give your much needed opinion.
    I have skinny arms so either will fit on my shoulder and I wear a lot of black, so what do you fellow addicts think???:hysteric:
  2. Luxe
  3. luxe^^
  4. Seen both in IRL. The CB is really nice, the color's fantastic, but there's something abt the CB tt doesn't seem quite right. I thk its too puffy, too fat. So I'll go for the Luxe, cos its more modern and sophisticated.
  5. Luxe for sure!
  6. Luxe, its so gorgeous!!
  7. Luxe! The CB just doesn't look like classic Chanel to me, and I hate the fat leather straps. The Luxe Bowler is so much more... Luxe!
  8. luxe~ (:
  9. i have the blk metallic luxe bowler so u know my answer....:wlae: :wlae:
  10. i vote luxe as well!! i saw the CB in person and it did not look appealing to me
  11. I'm biased since I own a Lux Bowler--Lux Bowler all the way!!!
  12. I'm parroting the rest ut my vote if the Luxe
  13. luxe!!
  14. Go for the Luxe Bowler!!!