Advice Needed...Is this a good leather jacket?

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  1. I am in need of a good black leather jacket...this Vince jacket is a 3/4 sleeve jacket that runs a little large, even for an extra small. What do you ladies and gents think?

    I am unsure about the 3/4 sleeve...but wanted to get some opinions.


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  2. can you post modeling pic?? it's hard to tell just by looking at a jacket...
    i posted mine and ask a lot of helpful opinions.
  3. ^^ As Juneping said, pics would help. I have a (different) Vince leather jacket that I love and I think the quality is great.
  4. I would want full sleeves.
  5. I like full sleeves and a more fitted leather jacket, but its hard to tell how it would fit by looking just at those pics...
  6. not a fan of it.. the shape looks a little odd, but it's hard to judge without a modeling pic. 3/4 sleeves is fine on a normal jacket but on a leather one seems a little weird. normally i think leather jackets are for warmth and having 3/4 sleeves kind of defeats that purpose.
  7. Yeah modelling pic would help!!
    I always love Vince too~~