Advice needed for seller that never sent 1k bag, no response....

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  1. Nearly a month ago, I purchased an auth Balenciaga bag from a seller with nearly 600 postive feedback, long time member in seemingly good standing. They mostly buy and sell little kids stuff from what I can tell. A week ago, I emailed asking for a tracking number and said I was concerned I had not received the bag yet. Here is the response, the only communication I have had from them to date.

    "Hi .... hmm that was sent out a while ago. Iam at work so i do not have my tracking slip here with me, iam working untill 11pm , so i will check when i get home and let you know where it is. Thank you ! "

    I have not heard one peep from them since, but they left feedback for someone on the next day so it seems they are choosing to ignore me and they are not mia. I filed an official thing with paypal, left a polite yet firm email through that system, asking for the bag or a refund yet again.
    NO reply.

    So, how the heck do I get my 1000 dollars back? Do I escalate the paypal dispute to an outright claim?

    Out of all of my eBay dealings, never had this happen and appreciate any advice so I do all the correct things!

    Thanks! (How appropriate that my 1000th post is about 1000 dollars :s.....!)
  2. OMG, Yes, yes escalate to a claim immediately. Although I think they give a specific time for the seller to respond, them you can escalate it. 3 days, I think? Verify this info as I'm not positive. Weird... 600 FB, huh.

    Just curious, where is the seller located?
  3. You have 40 days from auction end to file a claim.

    You need to do this asap. File "Item not received"

    Once you open a claim, if you close it, it cannot be reopened, so DO NOT CLOSE IT until you either have a refund, or the bag your purchased.

    Good luck!

  4. :smile:Hey bella, thanks!
    She is in Brimfield, MA
    I am seriously starting to lose sleep over this, if they would only respond it sure would help a little. Thanks again! Off to pp to escalate to claim....:yucky:
  5. Thanks for your reply, kathleen37!
  6. Good for you, keep us posted. I think if the seller does not respond paypal will automatically decide in your favor. That may speed up the process at least. I know it's nerve racking to have this happen, but hopefully it will be resolved sooner than later.

    Good luck.
  7. Can you keep us informed on this one? I want to know how it turns out.
    Hope this gets resolved soon!
  8. Ditto to filing a claim immediately. The seller must provide tracking. If not, the dispute will be found in your favor.

    I wonder if the seller works with large volumes and forgot to sell your bag. I hope it shows up unexpectedly in the next day or so!
  9. Good luck...keep us posted. Hopefully the bag will come soon.
  10. Good luck
  11. Good luck and, echoing others, please keep us informed!
  12. OMG! I agree with everyone.....file ASAP! If she hasn't gotten back to you and can't provide a tracking#, Paypal will certainly go in your favor! Keep us posted and let us know what happens.
  13. I hope you get the bag or your money back soon!
  14. Escalate to a CLAIM ASAP. The seller will need to provide proof to Paypal that the item has been sent. If they fail to do so within 10 days or fail to respond to Paypal altogether the claim will be closed in YOUR favor and all $$ refunded to you. (hopefully they have the $$-it should be frozen in their account...once the claim was filed)
  15. I agree with the advice above, also why not get their user info from eBay and try phoning them about it too.