Advice Needed: Dressing for Mexico vs. Hawaii

  1. My husband and I are leaving on the 22nd to vacation with his family in Mexico (Cabo San Lucas) for the holiday. I adore his family, but his two sisters are total fashionistas (in a good way). I've got to be on my "A" game.

    Most of my sunny vacation clothes have a definite Hawaii look to them, and they do not seem like they would blend well in Mexico. So what's a girl to wear in Mexico? The only thing I have covered for sure are my bikinis and shoes. I'm taking four pairs of espadrilles (they're Spanish, not necessarly Mexican, but I adore espadrilles and this is my chance to wear them).

    I want to aviod denim and khaki. Please, I want to know what you would make sure to pack to look hot and stylish in Mexico while on vacation? Colors? Styles?
  2. I'm guessing by "Hawaiian look" you mean those floral prints? I would tone down the floral prints. Other than that, I'm sure you are fine.

    To avoid denim and khaki ... why don't you wear cotton sundresses in bright colors and white. White dresses are so chic. And a big straw hat.
  3. Sonya, my Hawaii clothes are bright in tones of blue, fusicas, and greens. Not the colors I think of in Mexico.

    Your idea of a white sundress is wonderful. I never would have thought of that. So I will be spending my night surfing online for the perfect dress. I'm thinking sleeveless in a peasant style. The best part is that my new orange J Crew espadrilles will be the perfect accessory to a white sundress.

    Any other ideas?????
  4. Have you been to Cabo before? It's quite American for being in Mexico - I think anything you'd wear on a hot day in LA will go well there.
  5. I have been to Cabo once before, and you're right, it is sadly like being in LA. However, that is just the reason I don't want to wear just anything I would wear in LA.

    I wish I knew what my sisters-in-law were packing.