Advice needed -- bitten by the Single bug...

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I have been debating the large Single for a few weeks now, especially seeing all the lovely pictures here on tPF. I have a bit of a dilemma -- I own a Chanel Jumbo flap in black and wonder if it might be some what of an overkill buying a large Single in black too? I know that they are different bags, but I don't know if in theory, they are too similar? I've thought about getting the Single in a different color, but the black just speaks to me more.

    Also, does anyone have pictures of what can actually go inside a large Single?

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. Buy it! They are totally different bags! It seems to me you love the single in black so GET IT! It speaks to you, a lot of bags dont do that! ;)
  3. small single or large single? small single you can wear across body
    go get it girls ;)
  4. what color is the hw on your jumbo flap? with the chunkier chain, bigger quilting, and pushlock detail, i think it could serve as the funkier, hipper flap in your collection. i could justify you having both. i could justify a lot. ;)
  5. suli, listen to kim :yes:
  6. This doesn't really show everything that can go in. It just shows the inside of the bag w/ a MJ zip clutch in it.

    The front "wall" (:shrugs:) of the bag is also a zippered pocket, which is really handy and there's a zippered section inside. Hope that helps!
  7. The Large Single isn't a big bag and isn't ideal as an everyday bag for people who like to carry everything but the kitchen sink every day, but it's perfect for me. :yes: I don't think they're similar, actually, because the quilting is different, the lining is different, the size and shape are different, and the chains are different. If you're worried about it, you can always get another color.
  8. You guys are hysterical and really bad enablers! ;)

    I think I have to go see it again in person to determine if I really NEED it. I saw it this past weekend in black, light beige (Are there currently two tan/beige colors out right now? I saw the same light beige color at Bloomies and NM's, but a darker beige at Nordstrom), and an orangy-red color.

    Has anyone here owned it for several months and used it consistently? How has the Single held up?

    I hardly ever use my Chanel for these two reasons: 1) I feel a bit awkward carrying it given my current work environment (academic) and 2) I am actually kind of afraid of using it because I don't want to wear it down too much. I know that latter is illogical (and neurotic even) given that a handbag should be used. I'm hoping that the Single is a bit tougher -- that I can use it without worrying too much about damaging it.

    Thank you again for all the great advice!
  9. I would get the black single with the snakeskin embossed or the studded one, just to make a statement LOL
  10. SuLi, there is indeed a taupe and a beige for this season, so perhaps the darker beige is Taupe? Or it could be the Beige from the previous season. The orangey red is perhaps the Coral. Good luck deciding! :flowers:
  11. The beige this season is lighter than the beige from last season.

    I think has some pics of the SS10 beige and taupe.
  12. Nope, no problems at all with either of my Large Singles.
  13. not to be a debbie downer or anything, but i dont think the single is really a good day to day bag. now, i didn't have mine long, but i intended to use it as a day bag, like my go-to bag when i got it. i bought one very gently used, with no signs of wear i could find. i used the bag for about a week, maybe a few days longer....and already i had slight smoothing on the corners, a scratch and some cracked edgepaint on the leather part of the strap that connected to the chain. now it's made of lambskin so it's definitiely more fragile than MJ's soft calf. but i also owned a MBMJ natasha that was also lambskin and i feel like the leather on the MBMJ was more durable than on the single, i used the natasha almost daily for 2 months and no wear. i even dropped it once on rough asphalt with the single, i only carried the minimal stuff in it as well, and only took it to work and back and out shopping a few times. my day to day load consisted of my ZC, an ipod on occasion, my car keys, sunglasses and a pack of gum and a tube of chapstick.

    this was the wear i encountered, and so i decided it was just too fragile for me and sold it.

    i hate to post these, because the size of the bag is awesome. it's light-weight and super chic. maybe im just too rough with my bags or something, but it turned me off...sad to say
  14. jun3machina -- Thank you for your post! I really appreciate your opinion and assessment about the Single. It is so easy to get caught up with the fervor over some of the bags on the forum because most of them are so beautiful!

    I'm sorry to read about the issues with your Single -- I'm wondering if this is something that is common with the Single and whether the company has been able to address them in the newer models. Have you considered bringing this to Diego's attention? Has anyone else experienced the edgepaint cracks?

    I am considering the Single to use on the weekends. I noticed last year that all my bags were "kitchen sink" bags, and I'm tired of carrying large bags on the weekends or for more casual occasions. I will try to take another look at them this weekend and see how I feel about it.

    Thank you again for relaying your experience!
  15. ^ It really is a shame about june's Large Single. :sad: TBH, though, I wouldn't consider it a common defect with the bag. I know a lot of tPFers own Large Singles (I own two, actually -- one of which I've had for several months now), and I haven't heard of any manufacturing problems until this one.