Advice for new Coachie please! Black zoe or Maggie???

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  1. Hi ladies. I need a practical everyday black leather bag. I like the zoe and the maggie, and am torn between the two. I know the zoe's are still available at the outlets, so the price makes that more tempting. Will the black leather Maggies even make it to the outlet??.. even so it will probably be months from now...... I'd love some advice please, all of you Coachies have so much more coach knowledge than me!! Thanks.
  2. I have a black on black siggy Zoe that I adore. I would recommend this bag to anyone. Zoe gets my vote!
  3. I have both a Maggie(plum) and a Zoe(Patent Petrol). The Zoe is great for an everyday bag and it really goes with everything. I do however really love my Maggie. It has a little more structure than the Zoe. (Lots of pockets and three different compartments!!!) I do think the look of a Maggie is a little classier and the Zoe is more of a casual bag. I'm not going to be much help cause you can't go wrong with either of them.
  4. I vote for the Zoe. Have you tried both bags on? I have a Zoe and I really love her. She's very comfortable on my shoulder. I really liked the Maggie bags and was excited to get one but I ended up returning her. She didn't fit well on my shoulder. I have other double handle bags and they don't bother me but this one did. So....I would suggest trying both on! Good luck with your decision!
  5. Maggie! I love love love my Maggie!
  6. Thanks for the advice ladies. I have to agree that Maggie looks a little classier and zoe is more casual... I think I may end up getting both, lol!! I am getting the impression that zoe is a comfortable everyday bag though. Is the leather on the MFF as nice as fp leather though? anyone have the mff zoe in black/silver?
  7. I've got the mff black/silver and LOVE it! The leather is VERY soft and supple, and the lining is a gorgeous deep purple. I would suggest checking them out at the outlets. There's also an extra 20% off coupon going on now. It's the perfect every day bag and SO comfortable. I have multiple large Zoes and only 1 Maggie, so my vote is Zoe all the way!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Well, I would say.... how many pockets do you require in a bag? If you're seriously into organization, I would recommend the maggie as it has three large compartments (two button-closed, and one zip down the center). Both bags have a nice hobo silhouette, but the Zoe has a gorgeous slouch to it (if you go for slouch).

    I do think the Zoe is a little more casual than the Maggie on account of the buckles, but honestly, in really formal situations, wouldn't you rather have a small clutch or tiny handbag anyway? I think the Zoe can be worn with anything you'd wear a Maggie with, when you get down to it.
  9. I loved the maggie but ended up returning it. It would not stay on my shoulders for more than a minute and that alone drove me crazy!
  10. Zoe! I have a black siggy with silver hardware MFF. Love this bag! i really liked the leather version too but it was a bit heavier.
  11. Zoe :smile: Welcome to tpf!
  12. zoe! maggie is a cute bag but i tried medium and the large (newer ones) they fall off the shoulder too much.
  13. Zoe.

    I like lots of hardware!
  14. I vote for zoe.
  15. I would say Maggie - But that is because I am a Maggie lover but many people have issues with this bag -one of the straps falls off the shoulder. I do not care I just love the bag.. As far is it going to the Outlet it prob will but it is always a 50/50 chance you are taking..

    The Zoe is a great everyday bag and very well loved in general, also it has been at the Outlet for awhile and once it runs out the only way to get it is on the web (for more).

    So I would go for the Zoe and if you can not get over the Maggie get her later.
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