Advice for europe trip

  1. Hi everyone,

    It's my first time posting on this thread but my friend loves prada and mui mui and would like to ask where is the best place to shop. :yahoo:I'm going to europe in ten days and will be in italy (Rome florence venice), Barcelona, berlin, paris and london. I would love any suggestion because we are only going to be there for 3-4 days in each city. I heard there's a prada warehouse in Florence is it worth going? Thanks!
  2. yes there is a Prada outlet. It's just outside Florence. If you do a search it'll come up. There are organised trips to it including transport. Italy is going to be your best deal for Prada and Miu Miu, France for LV, Longchamps etc, London for Mulberry.
  3. Sales in Italy start officialy on 15th july. But right now, in many shops (including Prada and Miu Miu stores) you get 30% off on some items.
    Ask for it!
  4. oh have fun shopping and post pics of your finds when you return !!!!
  5. Thank you for all your help guys! I'm new to the brand I'm so excited to go, any tips for shopping and resturants?
  6. i am also going to europe next month. unfortunately i won't be going to italy this time but will be heading to london, dublin, madrid, munich, lisbon, vienna... any idea where it's best to buy prada out of these places? TIA!! :heart: