Advice for a potential new Rolex owner?

  1. Well, I've got a big birthday this year ... and I'm thinking it's one that will require more than "just" a handbag. I'm entering a new decade and I feel like I want to get something significant for myself to commemorate the occasion.

    Anyhow, I'm thinking of purchasing a pre-loved Rolex stainless steel oyster datejust ... no worries, it's definitely authentic ... and being a potential Rolex newbie, I just don't know what kind of care it will require.

    I'm especially concerned about the watch stopping if I don't wear it daily, or any other unknowns. If any Rolex owners could pass along tips and info, it would be greatly appreciated!
  2. _ you can buy a watchwinder to store the watch on when you are not wearing it .If you keep it on the watchwinder for weeks without wearing (I have 5-6 auto watches, so this happens to me), you will need to adjust time and date sometimes.

    You can find inexpensive single-watch winders that use C batteries, and I have experienced the batteries lasting for close to a year. Hope this helps!
  3. As long as you get it from an authorized dealer, you should be fine. Rolexes are like the Energizer bunny...keep on ticking.
  4. Some weekends I don't wear a watch or during the week I'll wear a different watch, in these cases my rolex will lose time but it doesn't bother me so much I just adjust it, everything has the time on it nowadays so it's not my only time resource available...... I've found that if I don't wear the watch for more than like 36 hours it will start to lose time or stop. I'm thinking of getting a winder case to keep it in but it's not a huge priority for me....
  5. Spot on,I was going to say much the same thing.If it loses time,just wind and adjust.Get a Rolex auth dealer to show you how if your a bit nervous doing it.:tup:
  6. Rolex suggests having your watch sent in for service every 5 years.
    I sent mine in after 8 years,because it started losing time every day. It was $1000,00 Canadian to service and they also put on a new crystal.
  7. I have a ladies oyster perpetual datejust rolesor (stainless with black face). I bought it approx 1-year ago from an authorized dealer in St. Thoms (USVI) so I got it for 10% off stateside prices and no taxes.

    I would definitely suggest getting a watchwinder since it just makes life easier. However, my Rolex has stopped a few times from non-wear (the battery has approx 30-hrs of back-up) and it's easy enough to start by winding a few times and then immediately wearing it.

    To be honest, I love my Rolex and wear it pretty much every day. (My Tag Heuer, Raymond Weil and Breitling have been sadly neglected!) It's a very durable watch that can work for casual or dressy. I've even worn it at the beach, swimming, in the hot tub, etc., and it's none the worse for the wear. I don't think you can go wrong with a Rolex.
  8. I haver a ladies datejust with diamond mop dial that i got in mid Oct and at first I wasn't wearing it quite enough each day because it was still sooo new so it stopped keeping the correct time and I wasn't carzy about winding it myself. I went back to the Rolex deal where I bought it and he told me to give it a little shake occasionally when I take it on and off. I started wearing it pretty much all the time, I even find it perfectly comfortabel to sleep with it on even though i don't have to for it to keep time. I just found the I had to wear it for more then a few hours each day and I haven't had a problem with it keeping time. Its such durable watch. I LOVE mine, its soo beautiful and well worth the money imo. If you aren't going to be wearing it regularly, it is a good idea to get a watch winder if you don't want to have to reset the time. A Rolex is a great investment, you wont regret it!