Advice for a lurker....

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  1. Hey girlies! Shoo here.
    I come in and out of the Hermes threads....I'm like the little wallflower at the high school dance just waiting for someone to ask me to dance...never happens....go home and write in my diary...cry myself to alcohol.....

    Anyway! If I was to venture into Hermes territory, what is the ideal first bag to shoot for that is:

    every day
    and the least expensive

    even if its just a clutch ladies. I'm thinking of crossing over to the dark side.....:ninja:
  2. just by peeking here........welcome to the dark orange side.

    my suggestion : evelyne, picotin or trim
  3. Hey girl! Welcome to the dark side!!! I think you should check out the Trim or the Evelyne. They are both reasonably priced (that is, less than the bolide, kelly and birkin), great for everyday and very classic styles.
  4. Hello, Shoo......not the least expensive, tho.....the Bolide....Hermes quality, workmanship and just the world's most beautiful workhorse.

    That would be my suggestion.....
  5. Welcome the the orange side. It usually starts with a peek.

    The Evelyn is a great suggestion. After review the threads you have to visit your H store and check out the leathers look, feel and weight. Half the fun is in the hunt.

    Keep us posted.
  6. Welcome!! So glad to have you here!

    So, here goes. If you can swing $5k at this time, the Bolide is the one. Versatile, practical, full of style, class and history.
    Next down the price scale (at a little over $3k) is the Trim shoulder bag. Has one of the most beautiful closure clasps of any bag around. It's The original Jackie "O" and a wonderful everyday bag.
    And down the list pricewise would be the Evelyne. under $2k - a messenger that's super comfy to wear and very chic.
  7. Welcome, Shoo!!! :flowers:

    I like GT's recommendations - Bolide, Trim or Evelyn.

    If you like a roomier bag - there's also the Garden Party tote bag in Toile/Leather combo. Very reasonably priced & costs a little less than a Evelyne.
  8. I haven't had my first H bag very long... a month or so and I was like you in that I wanted to start out with an inexpensive bag. I hadn't ever paid more than $1,200 for a bag so the Hermès prices took some getting used to.

    I have the Evelyne PM2 which was $1,950. I am so impressed with the quality and love wearing it. I had a YSL Muse and haven't wanted to carry it ever since I got Miss Evelyne! Oh I so love this bag!!! Here are a couple threads about the Evelyne:
  9. can anyone post some pics of the evelyn?
  10. All excellent suggestions...another way to go would be to buy vintage (or gently loved). That way you could get a Kelly without having to fork out over $5,000. There are several excellent ones where they don't believe in charging over $5,000 for a used Kelly.
  11. After thinking about this for a few minutes, I decided when you say classic, that's definitely kelly, BUT if I couldn't afford a Kelly, I'd probably buy the Herbag or a garden party bag, which I just read today on this wonderful forum they have on for around a thousand or 1400, sometihng like that. I love my Birkins and Kellys, but I just might go buy a garden party bag for the pool or the gym. It would also make an excellent boating bag. Enjoy!
  12. if you've discovered alchohol, you'll be right at home with this group . . . .
  13. Hi there! I guess an Evelyn or a Massai would be a great everyday bag.
  14. Shooooooooo! So glad to see you here!

    I think you'd really enjoy a pre-owned Kelly...which can run from $1800 and up. They can be dressed up or down and they so elegant!