Advice damaged bag from ebay

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  1. Hi everyone
    I brought a Mulberry for Target cerise leopard bayswater from ebay as a brand new, undamaged bag for £72 with postage.
    It arrived today from USA but its handle is broken, now I know these are cheap bags but surely the seller should have responsblity for making sure that the bag is undamaged before sending it?

    I have emailed the seller asking how we can resolve this, but if I send it back does the seller have to reimburse my intial postage costs too?
    If not then it will cost me more money in postage than what ive already paid for the bag if that makes sense.

    Im really disappointed, does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. I'd say yes to refunding the initial postage, mich.

    In the past, a ring I had bought from a seller on eBay was crushed in transit (not helped by poor packaging) so, even though she didn't accept returns, she took it back and refunded me everything but my return postage.

    Hopefully you can get a similar deal from your seller, too.
  3. Mich, it may be worth you popping over to the ebay forum - I've picked up some really useful tips from there. It sounds as if this could be a "SNAD" (significantly not as described) in which case ebay should support you in a claim if you don't get resolution with the seller directly. (Not sure on the specific return postage query though!)
  4. I would open a SNAD dispute with paypal asap and state the problems with the bag and the fact that you would like all your original costs back. You will be responsible for the return costs unfortunately unless the seller is willing to reimburse you for that as well as a gesture of goodwill. Remember too that you have to use a postage method that includes signature delivery confirmation.
  5. Contact the seller before opening a dispute, at least give them a chance to work with you. If they aren't willing to work with you then open the dispute. Good luck!
  6. ^ITA definitely contact seller first. Give them a chance to resolve it. If they don't then you should go for a SNAD with ebay, but try the seller first.
  7. Always contact the seller first! And you can see from there...! Good luck!
  8. Sorry this has happened to you.

    It is the sellers responsibility to get the item to you intact. Was the packaging compromised in any way? Could it have happened in customs? Hopefully the seller purchased insurance----- it may make refunding you easier.

    do you have a listing number? I would be interested in seeing the auction photos.
  9. ^ This.

    Good question.