Advice Baby Cabas Owner!!

  1. okay about to go pick up my baby cabas bag in an hour...
    but after reading one of the post regarding about how baby cabas is poorly made...
    I'm worried if its worth 2000 to spend the money on the bag...Im think to get GST or baby cabas..Therefore, can you please please please give me advice. baby cabas is realli hard to mind is wanting to buy the bag since its so limited but i do not want to pay for a poorly made bag.............HELP ME!!!:tdown:
  2. i love my baby cabas. i was considering selling it 2x and actually listed it on eBay. However,i cannot part with this bag as i love it so much. i haven't noticed any problems with mine. but i do not wear it everyday either. hope this helps!!
  3. how come baby cabas can sell 2 x ??
  4. ^^ I think she is saying she thought of selling it twice... and changed her mind both times, because she likes it.

    I have a big baby cabas, but it still has the bottom stitching, so it's the same as the baby, just bigger. If you love it, just check the threads carefully before you buy it.

    I have a feeling the newer cabas, from this fall, aren't as susceptible to thread pulling. But I could be wrong.
  5. I've been using my baby cabas pretty often since I got it a couple months ago and I haven't had any problems with it. I think it was worth the $2000 :yes:
  6. ^^ I use mine everyday.
  7. I got my first baby cabas pre-owned on eBay. It was in really good condition - no problem with loose threads, etc. I've been carrying it a lot and haven't noticed anything wrong with it. I bought a second baby cabas in Khaki (2007) and am happy with the workmanship and quality. It's a great bag!
  8. I too also bought my baby Cabas preowned on eBay.. it's holding up quite well. :tup:
  9. I have both GST & Baby Cabas but to be honest i carry my baby cabas more than the GST

    I love the fact that it is slouchy and casual while GST is more dressy looking

    Have a try on both and see which one goes with more of ur outfits?!

    Gd luck on finding 1 and do post pics after u got it :heart:
  10. i looove my baby cabas. i'm sure you'll love yours too.:p

    good luck!
  11. i don't think it's poorly made or don't worth the money...
    it's one of the best bag design in years IMO ha h aha
  12. hi! i have a new baby cabas and i think the quality is fine. the stitching is holding up well, and i use it almost every day! i'm totally happy with mine! :p hope this helps you in your decision.
  13. i have the bronze baby cabas. Bought it last Dec., no problem with the sitches. Just make sure you check the bag carefully. I def. like the baby cabas more than the GST.
  14. I still love my baby cabas, it looks as good as new.
    I think it looks more edgy than GST.
  15. i love mine so much KEEP IT! i use mine almost everyday, even to my classes (i put books and my folder and everything in it, even in my little bike basket) and so far its been holding up so beautifully. it looked even better after i started using it a lot!