1. does anyone know anything about and their authenticity?
  2. I think not. I love this statement We guarantee 100% you will receive the exact quality shown in all of our photographs.

    What the heck does that mean??? Prices are too good as well. REMEMBER: You get what you pay for. And if it's too good to be true, then it probably isn't!
  3. Yeah, thalwhatever.....nice first post!!!! Troll!
  4. ? ? :roflmfao: Explain this one compass Rose i'm a bit slow tonight.... is it that thal thingy is advertising?
  5. Yes....she is a troll. This is her first post. She is inquiring about adorebags which sells fake junk, but she is posing as someone who doesn't know any better, but she just gets us to look at her crap. Usually a first poster will introduce herself around and not direct you to a fake website. I've reported her and you will see this thread go buh,bye!
  6. I get you now i did think that was what was happening but needed clarification .... i've reported too
  7. uhh what is going on? I posted here because I thought it was the site to go to check for authenticity? I thought the site was fake and just wanted to check it for sure
  8. this isn't right you guys:nogood:
    VERY disappointing.
    People are innocent until proven guilty, please don't treat members this way w/o CLEAR proof.
  9. thali, I think it's because we've had a lot of 'new' posters here lately who are trying to scam us in one way or the other - I gave you the benefit of the doubt. I hope you haven't bought anything on that site -.

    As you read through the threads here, you'll be able to spot a fake site in a heartbeat. And another thing you can do is use the Search feature here; you'll quickly find references to most fake sites that have already been investigated so you'll know without having to post about it. Unless you have questions, of course. That's what we're here for! Questions! Whether it's about Handbag Addiction or eBay, we got it all!
  10. Yes....we have been hit hard by advertisers lately....usually it's the first post that is the dead giveaway.....sorry for the misunderstanding....
  11. Wow, people can be very mean here. This is an innocent place for people to express as a Newbie, I take offense. Is there a certain criteria or dialogue you are supposed to follow when you initially join?
  12. people here aren't mean to be honest :nogood: just fiercely protective.
    As you can probably understand, with a Forum this successful, scammers are looking for any way in to make a buck.
    We are hit all day EVERYDAY by people pushing their counterfeits and replica goods.
    Although I do think members should be a little more forgiving w/ newbies, they are understandably apprehensive.
  13. kjackson, while this can be a very confusing place for the first while, just because of the sheer amount of subjects and threads and posts, I think the best thing for somebody new to this forum is to read as much as they can. Get a feel for it. Find what interests you and stick to that area until you feel comfortable going down another road. And hey, you can always jump off the cliff and start right in, it's your call. I know it took me a good week of hanging out here just reading stuff before I got a feel for it. I never did introduce myself properly, and by the time I figured I should, most everybody who hangs out where I hang out kinda 'knew' who I was anyway.

    Now, I mean this in a lighthearted way, really - but do you know of any group in the world who can be vicious quicker than a group of ladies who are threatened? Especially in cyberspace. We guard our money and our handbags ferociously. Fakes are a real bugaboo here - some ladies get pretty worked up about it. Myself, I didn't really pay them no nevermind until I got bit by a fake Balenciaga on eBay, then I started paying attention.

    I guess as 'Protectors Of The Innocent Handbag Purchaser', sometimes the ladies here may go too far. In such a case, I can only hope you will accept their kind apology, because I know they mean well.
  14. Thanks for the explanation! I look forward to blogging with you more!