Adios and ciao ciao figures

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  1. I couldn't find the old thread about adios and ciao ciao. I've decided that I want to preorder them now. I know Panik's toy box has them but someone else posted that they preordered them for less money somewhere else on the web. Does anyone know where I can get them for a bit cheaper?
  2. ack!!! WHEN are these going to come out?!!!!!! I've been waiting for what seems like FOREVER!!!!! :sad:
  3. same thing w/ the plushies.. they were supposed to come out in FEB!! the adios and ciao ciao were scheduled for May tho right?
  4. The adios and ciaociao are pushed to June or July (hopefully the former).
  5. There seems to be loads of online shops selling the Tokidoki toys but Mooofia blind box figures seem to sell out real quick. A few i have seen are-
  6. I just checked the strange co site and it says they will be shipping items in June.
  7. You know, I have to say I never knew that vinyls cost so much! I just saw the Mozarella Moofia vinyl this weekend and it's like $30!! :wtf: I mean it was really cute in the milk carton box but I was like OMG ...
  8. Vinyl figures are so cute though and when the box is opened it reminds me of that christmas smell as a kid.I started getting into Dunnys but decided to stop because i felt a bit silly spending so much on a tiny bit of vinyl.I had to buy the Tokidoki Dunny a while back but it wasnt in a sealed box so i didnt have to spend lots trying to get it.
    I would like to get some of them donut keyrings from kidrobot oh and gloomy bear vinyls and a big Tado Dunny would be cool. I think some peolpe think its a bit retarded adults buying toys.
  9. lol Chicki :biggrin:
    well I don't think it's retarded for adults to buy toys. I recently had to stop myself from buying stuffed animals. Everytime I'd be in a store and if there was a stuffed animal it'd seem like it was calling out "buy meeeee" .. lol
    and you're right. The vinyls really are cute. Maybe one day I'll buy at least one just to have :yes:
  10. When i use to buy Dunnys i remeber going into my local comic shop with my boyfriend and his mum.I had bought quite a few and asked her if she wanted to open one, she just looked at me like i was insane. I realy like plush cushions and bought loads for my little boys bed. They should make the Tokidoki characters into cushions.
    I am currently deciding whether or not to get some gloomy bear arm and face cushions.
  11. toki character cushions are a cute idea!
    I had never heard of gloomy bear until I saw JapanLAs site. Hmm I guess if you love cushions and can find them at a good price .. buy :yes:

    lol sorry ... i've been telling everyone to buy stuff today ...
  12. Chicki- GAH THE TADO DUNNY!! i lovelovelove that,and wish i'd bought it too..
    TokidokiAngel-oh yes, vinyl is expensiiiiive. $30 isn't really that much when you see prices of other things that are the same size as Mozzarella. Heh.
  13. did you guys see they're having a limited GID sahara qee... I think it'll be only at SDCC and that other convention in the UK i think?... I preordered one