Address book- how do you organize

  1. ok so i was breaking in my new agenda today- putting in birthdays, special days etc and then filling in my address book. i have not had a new address book in about 5 years- never used it in my old agenda and just never bothered. that was fun- to see people who i haven't spoken to in 5 years or who dont have the same numbers anymore.

    anyway it occured to me that i am like a little kid when it comes to my address book. my uncle steve, for example, is under u for uncle instead of r for his last name. and my dad is under d for dad. i have everyone listed by their first names.

    is this odd? someone please tell me they do this too and i'm not just the least adjusted 30 year old ever. lol
  2. Hmmmm ..... I've been using electronics for so long that sync with my Outlook Contacts that I haven't thought about it for awhile. But I remember when I used to write stuff in without templates I'd randomly organize by first name, relationship, or even nicknames. I could usually find them when I wanted them, too! So you're not that odd! And if it works, more power to you!
  3. I use first names too! :smile:
  4. Last names for me--always did it that way. And I have a section with all the medical contacts/doctors/drug store/vet, etc. and there are a couple groups of women that I put together, not alphabetically, with birthdays, impt personal info, etc. I'm way too compulsive!
  5. last names, I have a hard copy just in case or when I get a new phone, but I just rely on my phone. however I put important numbers, frequent, or new ones for me to add into my phone on the contact pages in an agenda.
  6. I use first names too! Only in my personal LV agenda though. For work, I use last.
  7. oh yeah my work rolodex is by last although i still have my family's cards as first names, lol.

    i told my uncle last night he's under u because his first name is uncle and he laughed
  8. i mish mash them! I will put aunt car under and mom under m while putting my bf on the first page ('a', his initials are j s) and other things under first or last names depending on how well i know them or what i call them.

    WOw, i guess im not too organized with this! I never even noticed howout of order I am!